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[ADV] Fairsurance Redefining Extended Contracts


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Warranty providers have a bad rep. You are more likely to hear from someone who has had a bad experience with them than you are likely to find happy endings. Is a bad reputation justified? Well, the jury’s still out on that one, and while the answer is still anyone’s guess, we can delve into Fairsurance, a brand that says its plans is to change the narrative of extended warranty providers.

Fairsurance offers extended warranties that cover you as per agreement. They say they do not play foul midway and try to wiggle out of contract in case something happens. If you buy a new TV and the deal is to wrap the current warranty with an extended one, then that is what you get.

What Makes Fairsurance Unique?

There are many extended warranty providers on the market. What sets this brand apart?


They keep their word, and clients can attest to that. If you sign a contract to extend your current warranty so that your purchase is taken care of when the manufacturers expire, Fairsurance claims that keeps its end of the bargain. They cover your asset for whatever the contract says and should the eventuality happen, they act as per the terms of the warranty.

Quick Expedition.

When you make a claim, the company begins to process it almost immediately. It starts processing up to 98.6 percent of claims in the first 24 hours. The customer care department keeps you posted on the process so that you aware of every move they make. All claims made by the company are given the same treatment. In the words of a company representative, “All claims are afforded equal treatment.” Every detail is checked against the terms of your contract and then it’s all systems go.

One of the reasons why extended warranties have a bad reputation is the paperwork that is required of you when you make a claim. The requirements are ridiculous, yet no one mentions them when you sign the initial contract. Fairsurance has changed that by requiring as little documentation as is possible. You don’t need to register your protection plan after you’ve bought it, and we use modern technology to provide a great user experience when filing a claim.

What You See…

The contracts with the company are straightforward. Customers do not need lawyers to interpret the fine print that could work against them when making claims.

Fairsurancehas solid relationships with the brands whose warranties it sells, and so they treat you as though they sold the item to you. This also means that you, the customer saves money on the cost of replacement.

If It Is An Extended Warranty You Want, Fairsurance Is Your Partner.

Fairsurance is based in San Francisco and has partnered with strategic parties such as the mighty DealDash to make extended warranty affordable. Everything is all about the customer and giving you a better experience. Its management and growing workforce are dedicated to “Building America’s Most Trusted Extended Warranty.”