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Benefiting From Side Ad Removal


google-searchAs someone who relies on the Google AdWords program, you’ve likely noticed a dramatic drop in effectiveness over the past few months. This isn’t something that you’ve done wrong. Unsurprisingly, Google is at it once again and they’ve changed their search results more so than ever before. Take a moment to head to Google and perform a high-traffic search. Once you do, you’ll likely notice the difference immediately. If you don’t, you should simply glance at the right side of the search engine results. Yep! The side ads have completely disappeared.

No More Side Ads.

A few months ago, Google displays a handful of paid sites on their search results. They still do, but the platform has changed enormously. Now, the side ads have been removed and the top ads have received a new neighbor. Although the change won’t impact the top payers, it’ll prove to be devastating to those that spend a little less. If your website was previously featured in the side ads, there is a high probability that your impressions and CTR have dropped substantially. For a company, which solely relies on Google’s PPC advertising, this could be devastating and could drop your revenue to the bottom of the barrel.

Things To Know. 

Truly, Google’s changes are almost always double-edged swords. The company isn’t entirely evil and their changes often help and hurt equally. This is especially true, with their decision to do away with the side ads. In fact, a few lucky websites will benefit greatly. According to recent reports, the mass majority of paid clicks were generated by Google’s top ads. The side and bottom ads only generated 15% of all clicks. The good news is that Google has added an additional site to the top listings. The website, which is lucky enough to claim the fourth spot, will receive an array of benefits.

Their new listing will appear to be organic and this will likely increase their CTR dramatically. The real losers are everyone else and those that rely solely on SEO. Of course, there is no need to take this on the chin.

Take Back Your Success.

If you were previously generating a great CTR and enormous profits from the side ads, you are likely facing a devastating dilemma. The good news is that you don’t have to put up with the decline. There are a few tweaks, which can help you reclaim your success and begin generating hefty profits once again. A brand new workaround for new Google search layout has been released to the public and it could very well help you transform a terrible situation into one that is very advantageous for your business.

By utilizing the technique and making a few minor changes, you’ll be able to transform your dilemma into an increased click through rate and ultimately elevated revenue.

Don’t Wait. 

Don’t wait around for your competitors to get the jump on you. Quickly rush over to the new workaround and make the changes as soon as possible. By doing so, you’re site will be able to flourish once more and you may even be able to surpass your previous results.