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How To Invest In Technology And Beat Your Competition


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Managing a start up business is extremely challenging. You’re required to make dozens of decisions. Those decisions will have a huge impact on the success of your start up. If you make smart choices about technology, you can grow your business and outperform the competition.

Building an attractive website.

It’s very likely that your firm will use technology to promote your start up’s product or service. You’ll need an attractive website that drives web traffic. Fortunately, there are software programs that allow you to build an attractive website without having to write the software yourself.

More that 20% of all websites are published using WordPress. This online publishing platform allows you to choose a theme. The theme provides the colors, fonts, page layouts and an overall look for your site. You’ll find hundreds of different themes for businesses.

Evaluating your site’s performance.

The first impression that a viewer gets from your site is critical. Searchbloom points out that 75% of website searches never go past the first page. The key is to keep the viewer on your site. So, once you build your website, it’s important to assess how it’s performing.

Google Analytics provides information on which pages are getting the most views, and where your web traffic comes from. You can use this tool to make periodic changes to your site and increase your site’s traffic.

Protecting your website and other data.

The look of your website and the data you collect are both critically important to your company’s success. To protect all of this information, many businesses turn to managed service providers.

Managed services allow a business to transfer IT operations to an outside service provider. The site for IT services from Firewall Technical explains the managed services concept. A managed services firm can monitor the servers that house your data, and ensure that your information is protected from security threats. If you need additional software installed, the outside service provider can handle your request.

These steps ensure that your website is always online, and that your data is secure.

Marketing on mobile devices.

Google recently changed the criteria for search rankings. In order to move up the Google rankings, your site needs to be mobile friendly. That means that your site should be easy to read and navigate on a mobile device.

Fortunately, many WordPress themes are adapted to look great on mobile phones. Your site’s fonts and text size should be large enough to be easily viewed on mobile. Since the viewer scrolls with a finger, your site’s navigation should meet that requirement.

Building your audience with content.

Another criteria for Google search ranking is the quality of content you post on your site. Try to consistently post content that your readers find useful.

You can give viewers the options of opting into additional content. An opt in application lets a visitor to your website input their email address to receive a newsletter or periodic email from you.

This is great way to build loyalty with your audience. If they can count on you to provide content that helps them solve a problem, they may buy a product or service from you down the road.

To get your start up off the ground, think carefully about your technology needs. Build an attractive website that looks good on a mobile device. Make sure your important data is secure. Provide content that educates your audience. All of these steps will help you outperform your competition.