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How To Safeguard Your Business Against Counterfeit Money


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You would agree that counterfeiting money incidences have enormously increased in the recent past. If you are working in a bank, restaurant, casino, groceries’ store or anywhere else, then you may have come across a fake note that may have changed hands undetected. One way or another, you must have heard of incidents where people have been arrested for making or handling fake cash. Basically, the counterfeiters have become more sophisticated and are able to print a note completely identical to a real one. In actual fact, the government has always tried to raise the safeguards of the currency, but the counterfeiters always find a way to navigate through it by coming up with a new note that compromises the safeguards. Due to their excellent creativity, some old school ways of detecting fake cash such as rubbing the note between your fingers or physical comparison with a real note have already become ineffective. However, if you carry out a thorough research, you will find that there are some aspects of the note that the counterfeiters are unable to print, and therefore the fake cash can always and easily be detected using a counterfeit money detector.

From an expert’s point of view, fake cash should no longer be a problem in the country. iTestcash.com reveals that money detectors are not only easier to use, but are always reliable to ensure you do not in cure any losses resulting from counterfeit money. The expert suggests that the smartest move to safe guard your business against counterfeits, would be to adopt counterfeit money detectors into your system or work station. Although previous reports have indicated increased creativity by the swindlers to print notes that go undetected, the current detectors have been proven to provide a 100% safety guarantee by the experts and are expected to be the ones to completely put this menace into past.

However, with the increasing levels of crime in the society, finding the best detector may be quite challenging. While taking into consideration that the counterfeiters may want to slip their own machines into the market, some counterfeit money detectors may not actually be efficient and reliable. From a professional point of view, five machines have been recommended to be among the most reliable counterfeit money detectors in the market today. These machines ideal for any business and are easily portable to ensure you are safeguarded against fake cash everywhere you go:

Top Counterfeit Money Detectors

Cassida 5520: This machine has been recommended to be one of the top most detectors and has the capability of counting up to 1300 bills in a minute. The machine is able to count various domination of money and is built with an infrared sensor to make it one of the most effective money detectors.

Semacon S 1025: It is small sized to ensure easier portability and minimal space requirement. Its function however, is comparable to that of a bank grade counter and is absolutely reliable.

Accubanker AB 1100: This machine is built with an accubankers emergency feature which can immediately stop its operations at the click of a button. This machine is absolutely reliable and ideal for business environments where there a lot of customers.

Semacon S 1225: This machine uses magnetic and ultraviolet counterfeit detection and can be adjusted to count up to 1600 bills in a minute. It is totally reliable and suitable for businesses that deal with large amount of cash daily.

Cassida Tiger: Built with a steel roller shaft, this machine guarantees reliable performance and can count u to 1300 bills per minute. Its performance is comparable to that of a commercial counting machine.

Experts have guaranteed that counterfeit money will soon be eliminated in the market as more businesses, industries and individuals are adopting the counterfeit money detector. With the assurance of such high performance machines, this felony will definitely come to an end very soon.