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[Infographic] Where To Start A Startup


For founders trying to look for the right location to base their startup, the choice may not be as obvious as it seems. While Silicon Valley may seem to be the most obvious place, it may not be the one most suited to your needs.

Sure, Silicon Valley – the world’s largest entrepreneur and startup ecosystem – boasts the most number of mentors as well as being a strong wellspring of early stage funding, it’s also one fraught with the most risk. New York is similarly high risk, but it also tend to focus more on diverse and often niche urban ideas, and offers strong scaling stage funding. London, on the other hand, is far lower risk; its ecosystem is less than a quarter the size of Silicon Valley, and more likely to focus on e-commerce and project management type ideas.

If you’re looking for a place to base your startup, here’s a useful infographic that shows you the traits of various startup ecosystems around the world (strange that Singapore isn’t mentioned, though):

Where To Start a Tech Startup

[Infographic credit: Biz Brain]

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