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[Infographic] The Numbers Around Direct Mail Marketing

With all the hype surrounding digital advertising, one would’ve thought that traditional methods of marketing have been rendered absolutely obsolete. Well, mostly… but not totally. Did you know, for example, that US$47.8 billion is still spent, ever year, on direct marketing?

But isn’t print dying? Well, the truth is that direct mail outreach is on the rise, and is still a valuable marketing tool to consider for your small business. Consider the following numbers:

  • 3.6%: Forecasted increase in spending on direct mail marketing in the next year
  • 65%: Of people who have received direct mail who make purchases/engage
  • 30X: A customer is 30-times more likely to respond to direct mail than an email
  • $167: Average direct mail marketing campaign cost while average resulting sales is $2,095

Here is an infographic from BOLT Insurance detailing more numbers surrounding the direct mail industry :

Direct Mail Marketing infographic
[ Infographic credit: BOLT Insurance]


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