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6 Innovative Ways You Can Ensure People Listen To Your Brand Message


Getting the true essence of your brand across to customers is absolutely essential in securing their loyalty for the future. If you feel as though your current marketing tactics aren’t doing the job, and you want to deliver a more authentic version of your business, we highly recommend trying the 6 innovative ways we have outlined below: these are marketing tactics guaranteed to get people listening to your brand message!

1. Prioritise your target audience.

Communicating your brand message well doesn’t matter, unless you’re communicating it to your target audience! Perform detailed market research to determine your true customer demographic, and devise a brand message that addresses their needs and wants. A narrower focus and more directed brand message ensures you’re courting people with a genuine interest and love of your product or service.

2. Be completely transparent.

Transparency is so important when it comes to marketing your brand. Ultimately, trustworthiness captures your customers’ attention. It’s this attention you want to cultivate and maintain with an honest, clear brand message. Be direct, and don’t make false claims about your brand, product or service.

3. Provide solutions to customer problems.

If there’s anything your product or service should do, it’s provide a viable solution to customer problems! Your brand message should address these problems directly, and your product or service should be the perfect answer to whatever issue your customer is facing. What does your brand fix? Make sure your brand message tells your customers what you fix, and how you do it. This is a guaranteed way for your brand message to be listened to.

4. Think about your tone of voice.

Your target audience must be able to relate to your brand message. They must feel represented and, most of all, cared for. This has everything to do with the tone of voice used in your message. Be consistent, and develop a tone that matches the brand image you want to put across. Strong and adventurous, or soothing and calm! Choose your tone of voice wisely and stick to your choice.

5. Use marketing hooks.

People listen to marketing hooks, and they listen well! Essentially, marketing hooks offer valuable incentives to your customers for additional interest, communication and investment. For example, something as simple as “call us today for a free quote!” can inspire action in your customer base.

6. Don’t forget about your data!

Data is the backbone of our digital world, and when it comes to making sure your brand message is heard, you can’t ignore the impact that data can have. Tracking customer traffic to your website or social media pages might take some effort, but you glean valuable insight into how well customers interact with your brand. You’ll know what messages stick, and what messages do not! Adjust your brand message accordingly.

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