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5 Ways To Personalise Your Marketing


It has long been said that the future of marketing is personalisation, and if you were in any doubt about that, you would only need to look at the statistics.

Past research has found that eight in 10 consumers are likelier to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalised experiences, while 90% of customers in the United States have even said they find marketing personalisation “very or somewhat appealing”.

So, there isn’t much room for doubt that your brand should be embracing some level of personalisation in how it conveys its values and offerings to its target audiences.

But how can you go about that? Below are five useful suggestions.

1. Presenting personalised product recommendations.

This is a type of marketing personalisation that great numbers of us who shop via Amazon and other big-name ecommerce outlets have long been directly familiar with. It works on the basis of the given online store using the data it has on your browsing or purchase history to put forward further ideas for items you might be interested in buying.

It is a dizzyingly simple principle, but the evidence also points to it being an approach that works! One analysis of ecommerce sites worldwide for just one quarter found that up to 31% of total websites revenue was attributed to personalised product recommendations.

2. Sending personalised marketing emails.

Email marketing might almost seem an ‘old-school’ marketing method these days compared to some of the marketing disciplines that have emerged since.

However, a proven way to vault yours into the 2020s would be to ‘go big’ on personalisation, drawing upon the data and information you have on certain customers to target email campaigns at them in a much more compelling way.

Even just knowing such things as the customer’s first name, the last product they ordered from you, and their location of residence, could inform your personalised email marketing campaigns.

3. Distributing personalised content for social media.

You might not have imagined that social media marketing personalisation would even be a “thing”. After all, it’s not as if you can make a tweet look different to people in different parts of the world, right?

But in truth, with advancements in technology and the solutions that the leading platforms such as Facebook put forward, there are increasingly great possibilities for the use of social networks to present personalised content, ranging from personalised videos to personalised quizzes.

Combine such solutions with the right choice of social listening tool, and you will be better placed to know precisely who is saying what things that are relevance to your brand on social media, and how this could shape your personalised marketing on these platforms.

4. Personalising other areas of your brand’s content marketing.

There is a lot of other content that a given brand routinely produces as part of its marketing, ranging from blog posts and whitepapers to podcasts and webinars. And yes, there is huge scope to personalise these, too.

By that, we don’t necessarily mean producing entirely separate campaigns and content for different audiences. We are, after all, now in the era of ‘dynamic content’, which has allowed brands to stick to using just one campaign, one email, or one landing page, that nonetheless displays differently depending on who is viewing it.

5. Providing personalised experiences via mobile.

Targeting your potential or past customers via their mobile devices doesn’t have to involve text messages. Your restaurant or takeaway, for instance, could have its own branded app through which the customer can place orders for food delivery to their home or office – and in return, you could gather certain information about them to help provide the most relevant experiences to them.

Such relevant experiences could include push notifications sent to them on their devices, perhaps drawing the customer’s attention to a discount on food they have ordered from you in the past.

There you go – just five ways in which a brand like yours can get swiftly on with the personalisation of its marketing, and no less importantly, gain meaningful results from this in terms of heightened awareness, sales, and revenue. Which ones have you already tried – or are interested in experimenting with in months or even years to come?