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Who Can Get A Golden Visa In The UAE?


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The UAE is a rich and highly developed country. Many people are looking for prospects in this place. It is profitable and comfortable to live and work in the United Arab Emirates, but it is impossible to simply come and settle in this country. It is necessary to obtain a residence permit using one of the visas. The Golden Visa is considered the most prestigious and profitable.

The UAE government is very loyal to foreign investors and talented people who want to live in this state. A candidate for a ten-year Golden residence Visa for Dubai and other cities in the UAE can be:

  • Scientists
  • Highly qualified workers
  • Graduates of the best universities in the world
  • Talented people
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investors
  • Medical staff
  • Activists of humanitarian organizations

Benefits of the UAE Golden Visa

The main advantage of the Golden Visa for foreigners is the possibility of living in the UAE for 5 or 10 years. According to the updated rules, the holder of this document can be outside the United Arab Emirates for any amount of time. In addition to the main applicant, members of their family can also get a Golden Visa.

The Golden Visa gives you access to special health insurance policies that can cover claims up to AED 20 million.

Secondary and higher education is available to all Golden Visa holders. This is very useful if the applicant lives in the UAE with their children.

The Golden Visa can help a foreigner to obtain a UAE passport. However, to become a citizen of this country, a foreigner must live in the UAE for 30 years. These are stricter requirements than in other countries that have a Golden Visa program.

Although the Golden Visa does not give the right to travel to many countries of the world under a visa-free regime, the program participant can freely travel around the Persian Gulf.

Who is eligible for UAE Golden Visa

While the Golden Visa program has been in operation for several years, in April 2022, the government decided to make some changes to the program rules to ease the conditions for participation and increase the number of potential candidates for the right to reside in the UAE. At the moment, several categories of foreigners can apply.

  • Scientists and researchers

If the applicant has a doctorate or master’s degree in science, engineering, technology, etc. top universities in the world, then he can apply for a Golden Visa. However, in addition to this requirement, the applicant must be an influential researcher in their field. The Council of Scientists of the Emirates evaluates the contribution and significance of the candidate’s work and, if approved, allows them to take part in the program.

  • Professional specialists

Applicants in this category must have a good education (minimum Bachelor’s degree) and work experience. A prerequisite is the availability of an employment contract in the UAE and compliance with the first or second professional level. The applicant’s minimum salary must be AED 30,000 per month.

  • The best pupils and students

If a UAE high school or university student has excellent academic results, they can apply for a UAE Golden Visa. Graduates from the top 100 universities in the world have a similar right, subject to sufficiently good results in higher education.

  • Talented people

Athletes, artists, musicians, dancers, programmers, cultural figures, etc. can participate in the program subject to high achievements in their field of activity. Education, work, and other indicators, in this case, are not important. The merits of a candidate in this category must be approved by federal or local authorities.

  • Entrepreneurs

Not all businessmen can apply for a Golden Visa. Only entrepreneurs who are the owners or partners of a startup registered in the UAE as a small or medium enterprise are eligible to participate in the program. A prerequisite is the annual income of such a company from 1 million dirhams. Entrepreneurs who have opened a business in the UAE and sold it for at least 7 million dirhams can participate in the program if they receive approval from an official business incubator.

  • Investors

A foreigner can get a UAE investment visa if they invest enough in:

  • Ready real estate project
  • A property that is under construction
  • A new venture in the UAE
  • Shares of the UAE company

Regardless of the option chosen, the minimum investment to participate in the program is 2,000,000 AED. Additional costs for fees, insurance, etc. make up about another 180,000 AED.

A qualified specialist from Immigrant Invest, Zlata Erlach, emphasizes that investing in real estate will allow you to get a Golden Visa with a validity period of 5 years, while investing in one of the UAE companies will give you access to a visa for 10 years: https://immigrantinvest.com/blog/uae-golden-visa-en/.

  • Medical staff

Highly qualified doctors, surgeons, nurses, and other staff with significant achievements in the field of medicine can apply for the right to reside in the UAE. Specialists who help fight pandemics such as COVID-19 and help in other emergencies are especially appreciated.

  • Activists of humanitarian and charitable organizations

If a foreigner has high merits with international and regional humanitarian organizations or public associations, he can participate in the program. This category is also suitable for volunteers who have made a significant contribution to a charity or other humanitarian activities.

UAE visa requirements

To apply for the Golden Visa program, a foreigner must meet the required criteria:

  • Be over 18 years of age.
  • Confirm the origin of the capital.
  • Confirm the absence of violations of the visa regime or problems with the law in the UAE.
  • Undergo a medical examination.
  • Arrange medical insurance.
  • Pay all the necessary fees.

The Principal Applicant may enroll certain family members and household staff in the program. Among them are:

  • Spouse;
  • Children under 25, provided that they are not married;
  • Hired domestic workers.

How does the UAE Golden Visa process work?

1) Depending on the category under which the foreigner fits, perform all the necessary steps before starting to collect documents. For example, investors must choose an investment object, entrepreneurs must open a startup in the UAE, etc.

2) Prepare all THE necessary documents and their copies for participation in the program for each applicant.

3) Obtain a temporary visa to visit the UAE and fulfill conditions such as medical examination, submission of documents, job search, insurance, etc.

4) Pass a special check, which will make sure that the candidate for the Golden Visa is trustworthy.

With the changes that the UAE government made to the conditions of the Golden Visa program in 2022, obtaining this document has become much easier. Although it is quite difficult to become a citizen of the UAE through this program, the Golden Visa itself provides a large number of advantages that will allow a foreigner to live comfortably in this warm country.

Wealthy people, experienced businessmen, and highly qualified specialists who managed to get a job can get the right to live in the UAE. To come to the UAE for a short period, it is not necessary to obtain a Golden Visa. Other documents also allow you to live in this country for some time.


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