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Potential Google Advertising Ideas To Grow Your Audience


Google advertising techniques act as an amazing tool to drive more audiences to your website. With accurate strategies, you can drive in potential traffic, drive sales and connect with your customers easily.

Numbers always give clarity, so knowing them would be ultimately convincing.

  • 58 percent of the youth today actually make a purchase because of the availability of online ads.
  • 43 percent of the users buy a product after going through its online ad.
  • 63 percent of the users have incidentally or non-incidentally clicked on a Google ad.

There are multiple components to look at while generating successful ad campaigns for your website and associating them with proper search engine optimization techniques. Assuming you are looking for various ways to bring out the most from your Google ad campaigns, just read along and find the best ways to do so.

Keyword Research

One of the most essential elements of your ad campaign is keyword research. Getting this part right is important as it might make your work more challenging if you fail to do so. It’s always important to start generating some keyword ideas before actually implementing them. You can use free keyword research tools that help in generating keyword ideas for confronting your competitors with efficiency.

Trend Forecasting

Predictions are important to make before starting any campaign. It becomes necessary to have some idea about what your campaign would look like. The best way to make a prediction is with data. There are various planners available with Google Ads. They can be used to get forecasts for specific keywords. The planners can provide you with important information like the number of clicks the ad might receive per day, the average expenses for those clicks, the impressions count, the CTR (click-through rate), and so on.

Focus on User Intent

The most important thing to consider for a keyword strategy is the user intent. Numbers become essential while considering keyword research strategies. User intent actually gives you the why’s the answer behind every keyword. Questions like why a user searched for a particular keyword or were they trying to buy something? Were they just seeking information about the product?

Understanding your users’ intentions actually makes your work beneficial and fetches you a better ROI. There are different types of user intents:

  • Navigational: when a person wants to visit a specific webpage, they type that as a keyword. This becomes a hint for you to understand his/her preference.
  • Informational: when a user wants to acquire more information about a product or a topic, they type a keyword.
  • Transactional: This is when a person is wishing to make an action, for instance, buy a product.
  • Commercial: when a user researches any particular product or service, he/she searches for it in the search bar. They are likely to make a purchase in the near future.

Understanding user intent helps you tap the right keywords. Paying attention to the accuracy in user intent actually helps you to rank higher and fetch more clicks as you provide exactly what the audience seeks.

Good Headlines

A poor headline never carries a reader forward toward the content. However good your content might be, a catchy and crisp headline is the key to the lock. A strong headline has a very strong impact on your audience. Also, this convinces people to actively click on the displayed ad.

Some of the key pointers to writing good headlines:

  • Understand your target audience and their preferences.
  • Bring solutions to your audience’s problems.
  • Never forget to include the main keyword.
  • Highlight the agenda of the content in the headline.
  • Keep the title simple, don’t complicate it with too many special words.

Creating a headline is really challenging, but once you know where to start and how to create it, it becomes the easiest thing for you.

Advertise Sales that are Limited in Offer

Any offer that is limited and is ready to cease soon encourages more audience than regular sales. Limited offer sales work really well. In a nutshell, it is one such deal or reward for customers that make their purchase period shorter. Black Friday sales are one of the perfect examples of limited offer sales as consumers have been found to spend vitally more. Customers never want to miss an opportunity to avail of discounts so they try to take this sale as a benefit happening to them which also keeps the developer at profit.

Track Google advertising Data and Use it for Iterating

KPIs are one of the most prominent reasons behind making an advertising campaign successful. Depending on your goals, you need to focus on various metrics. Some of them can be CTR, CPR, number of clicks, or conversion rates. Tracking your KPIs lets you know whether you are on the right track to completing your goals on time or not.

For example, if you witness more clicks on your prospective ads but your CTR is comparatively low, it’s probably the headline fetching you a better response from the audience. Or it can be exactly vice versa, whatever the situation is, it needs to be looked into and adjusted as per the requirements.

  • Right Campaign Ad Selection – You should select the best ad campaign for your advertising ideas. Some of the best campaign types include:
  • Search Ad campaigns: they appear at the top most panel of the search engine ranking pages.
  • Display Ad campaigns: they are a means to attract the market with an appealing social media platform, digital channels, or websites.
  • Video Ad campaigns: videos are the most attractive tool today for driving traffic to your website and pulling market attention.

Final words

Google Ads are always important for your website because it helps you to meet your target audience at a set budget ratio. You can regulate your advertising weekly or monthly, depending on your preferences. However, to give clarity about Google Ads services, you need to know them properly. The flexibility and dynamicity in strategies are ultimately something that makes it unique and convincing for every website.


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