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4 Things You’ll Need When Launching Your Website


The post-pandemic rise in ecommerce has brought an already booming digital trade to the forefront, with many businesses who otherwise wouldn’t have turned to online selling finding it a vital lifeline over the last two years

Meanwhile, those who had already stepped half-heartedly into the ecommerce world are now beginning to up their game, taking their lowly website from a few pages to a full-blown digital marketing campaign.

If you’re on the cusp of launching your brand’s website and want to do it right, these are just four tips to ensure your efforts translate to success.

1. Expertise.

We can’t emphasise this enough – unless you yourself are an expert web developer, don’t try and DIY this one.

While platforms such as Shopify can help make things easy to use for online novices, you should always enlist the help of a professional designer to help create a website that actually appeals to your customers, inspires trust in your products, and functions as it should.

2. Hype.

Launching your site is great, but if no one visits it, it’s about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Over time, you’ll be able to build SEO and PPC campaigns to garner traffic (see below), but in the meantime you’ll need an initial boost to get people on your website and buying.

In the run up to the launch of your site, Facebook can be good for local reach, whilst platforms like Instagram are great for showcasing products with a visual appeal. Plus, a pre-launch competition which requires customers to like, follow and share posts are fantastic for increasing your reach and garnering excitement around the big event.

3. Digital marketing.

As previously mentioned, as you’re building your site, you’re going to need more than a web domain to bring it before the eyes of customers.

From the beginning, every word written for your site should be considered from an SEO point of view – this means using the keywords searched by consumers to ensure that your website is the one they find when they start looking. And just as you should never attempt web design if you’re not yourself a developer, it’s equally unwise to attempt copywriting, particularly SEO driven copy, unless you yourself are an expert in the field.

As you progress, it will also be worth investing in resources such as link-building to raise the trust profile of your site, and PPC marketing, which can help you target certain keywords in paid searches for quick wins in traffic.

4. An in-house team.

If you’re actually serious about launching your digital marketing efforts it is well-worth investing in an in-house team

Agencies can help you get your initial campaign off the ground, but a team that knows your brand’s aims and missions from the inside out. Enlisting the aid of recruitment softwares such as Oleeo can help make building that team as fast and painless as possible by helping you filter the most competent candidates who can hit the ground running from day one.

Ready to launch your site online? These are just four simple tips to get you there.