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9 Signs You Should Outsource IT Services


Many businesses rely on technology for daily operations, especially since the pandemic hit in 2020. As more companies opt for remote work, top-notch IT services are non-negotiable. Additionally, if your in-house department costs you more than you’re gaining, it may be time to outsource IT services as well. Yes, you’ll probably have to let many people go, but you need to do what’s best for your company, or nobody there will have a job – including yourself.

This article will go over 9 signs you should outsource IT and how doing so could raise profits.

1. You Want to Save Money.

You need multitudes of IT skillsets within the department, and paying specialized employees adds up. If you lose your cybersecurity and help desk guys in the same week, you’ll then need to dump a bunch of money into onboarding new employees. 

The cost of an in-house IT department is high, which is why many business owners choose to outsource. So instead of paying salaries and providing competitive benefits for multiple employees, you can pay a flat fee to one company each month to manage every IT service you need. 

2. Your In-House IT Department is Outdated.

Technology is constantly evolving in the workplace, and your IT department needs to stay updated. If you can’t afford to provide training programs for your employees, don’t expect them to upskill themselves. Without proper training, you’re putting the company at risk for crashes, slow load times, and security breaches. Outsourced IT services always stay updated on the latest developments, so you don’t have to worry about having an outdated department.

3. IT is not a Selling Point.

While an in-house IT department can be valuable, it may not be necessary for your particular business. Unless you offer IT services, it may be best to outsource it, so you’re allocating money to the employees and services that bring the most profits. 

4. Cybersecurity is Low.

Cybercriminals are constantly figuring out new approaches towards attacking a business. If your IT department doesn’t continuously ramp up cybersecurity measures, you’re bound to fall victim to a hack that could ruin your company forever. If your team isn’t constantly evolving and proactively mitigate risks that may happen, you are one step behind.

Conversely, IT service providers will customize security solutions for your needs. Then, they’ll make sure you’re always receiving the latest updates the minute they’re available, so you’re never at risk. 

5. High Turnover Rates.

Remember how you lost both the help desk and cybersecurity guys in one week? Let’s say you spent all the money on onboarding new staff, just for them to quit a month later. What gives? First, you’re probably not paying them what they deserve. 

If you can’t afford the cost of a professional and provide them with access to training on the latest tech updates, then they’re not going to stick around. However, you don’t have to worry about that with outsourced IT. They will always have a team of reliable pros whose wages they can afford since it’s their primary service. 

6. Your Company Isn’t Growing.

If scaling your business has come to a halt because of time and money spent on IT, you’re going to fall behind your competition and largely, you won’t be as productive. When you outsource your IT needs, you can focus your money and efforts on what you do best – which creates an environment for growth and efficiency. 

7. You Need 24/7 Support.

The immediate support an in-house IT department provides is great until they go home at the end of the day. When owning a business, you and several other employees may sometimes work late to catch up on productivity. If there’s a technical issue that comes up with nobody there to fix it, you’re going to fall even farther behind. IT services in San Antonio offer 24/7 support, so you can quickly access the help you need at any hour. Specialized IT services offer this round-the-clock support to be competitive and ultimately, you can’t expect that out of a traditional in-house IT team – unless you are willing to pay additional money for overnight support staff.

8. Compliance is a Concern.

Your clients take data privacy very seriously, and so should you. When they trust you with their most personal information, you need to take every measure possible to protect it from hackers. Plus, there are strict data protection laws that you must follow to keep your reputation and avoid hefty fines. IT service providers will always stay up-to-date on the data laws for both your geographical location and the specific industry you operate within – so you never have to worry about being non-compliant.

9. You Need More Skills.

When you take the time to build an IT department, you may not find people with the right skill set for your niche. You can’t hold out forever to find the perfect in-house hire, so one of the best ways to do this is to outsource an IT agency. Most established IT providers have experience within several respective niches, so you are guaranteed to find practical solutions and stay ahead of the game. Be sure to verify the expertise of any potential when shopping around. Although an agency may be up for the challenge, not all have the proper experience. 


If you’re here, you’re already considering outsourcing IT. But, whether you’re a budding business with a need for services or your in-house department isn’t working effectively for you, there are solutions to help you save money – one of the primary being an outsourced IT team.