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4 Must-Have Office Space Amenities To Look For


Workspaces and working environments have been developing recently. With the growing awareness and importance of work-life balance, many employers have prioritized employees’ health and happiness. To avoid recurrences of decline in mental health and anxiety disorders, companies now ensure office spaces provide a relaxing and calmer atmosphere.

In doing so, it’s essential to consider the necessary office space amenities when looking for a workspace. For instance, choosing a commercial office space in Oxford could be a great choice for improving your business.

When scouting for the perfect business location, the following must-have office space amenities could help achieve a better work environment.

1. Availability Of Parking And Transportation Access.

Employees of your business live at different distances from your workspace. Some people living not so far from your office could easily take a walk, ride the train or bus. Yet for those living a bit far, they might need to drive to work. Therefore, companies need to consider transportation options and parking availability when selecting their office space. 

Employees should have as many choices as possible regarding transportation. Your office location should be close to train and bus stations. Also, it should come with parking solutions for any vehicle and type. Some might prefer riding a bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, and so on. Transit facilities are more likely to be used for employees’ daily commutes if closer to the office. However, although commuting is highly encouraged and healthier for the environment, your company shouldn’t overlook the needs of those who need to use cars to go to work.

A lease contract can include parking, so you need to select a leaser that offers this carefully. Some prospective talents will likely join your company if you can provide this facility. One alternative that you can do to ensure parking solutions is to find nearby parking spaces for rent monthly. You can give this service as a reward to an employee who performs well, or you can split the parking fees in half. There are many ways to resolve the lack of parking spaces around your office.

2. Nearby Dining Options.

A modern workplace must have nearby food options within walking distance from the office. Your employees would be happy and contented to find a wide variety of food and meal options to choose from every day. Although it’s best to have these restaurants and food stalls open in your office building, it is still good to have them within a few distances. Your employees won’t mind shedding off a few calories as they head to the nearest food park or food court. Prioritize food and drinks since your staff can increase their productivity when they’re happy and full. 

3. Workout Facilities.

Many people today try to live a healthy lifestyle, so they try to incorporate workouts into their daily routines. Having a fitness facility right on-site could help them stay productive and achieve their goals. Besides improved employee health, your company may see lower insurance premiums, and they might decrease their leaves and absences too. 

It’s time to up your game and invest in a gym facility in your office space. Along with some refreshing tips for your office, you can achieve the best office environment for your employees. Designate a room with all the gym equipment they need to keep their muscles and physical health conditioned. Check out your space and choose where it’s most suitable to put a gym room. 

4. Functional Ergonomics.

The ergonomic design of your office can improve productivity, reduce workplace injuries, and keep employees healthy and happy. Even though ergonomics isn’t a new concept, it remains one of the best ways to rejuvenate your office and improve your staff’s working lives. Functional ergonomics are a smart and practical investment.

With today’s modern setting and innovations in office spaces, you can incorporate these ergonomics in diverse ways and rules. You can set them up in creative areas where your employees would feel more comfortable working. It’s time to break the habit of uniformed seating; let your staff decide where they want to work.

Increasingly, employers are developing flexible workspaces and allowing their employees more significant freedom in choosing their layouts. However, ensure that these layouts still evoke productivity and concentration, as some might feel otherwise. When choosing desks and ergonomic office chairs, always place yourself in your employee’s shoes. In doing so, you can tell whether this functional office furniture can help you work the entire day shift.


To stay competitive in your industry, you need happy employees. A workforce can be kept engaged, fulfilled, and productive by considering the different amenities mentioned above. You could keep your existing team members contented with their jobs and office while attracting more brilliant talents with a great working environment.