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10 Corporate Gifts And Ideas To Wow Your Clients


Besides giving excellent customer service, another way to show your clients how much they mean to you and how you care for them is by giving away corporate gifts. Corporate gifts aren’t something you should only consider at the end of the year or during the holidays. Instead, it’s a gesture that shows how your relationship with your clients is essential and valuable for you and that you care enough to spend money on them. What’s more, giving away corporate gifts can also be a smart business move.

With those corporate gifts, it’ll be easier for your clients to refer your company to other people, boosting your sales and profits. However, finding the perfect corporate gifts isn’t always as easy as you may expect. When thinking of a corporate gift, it needs to be something functional and memorable for your clients, not just another item they’d store inside their drawers.

If you’re clueless about which gifts you should get for your clients this year, check out these ten ideas that’ll surely wow your clients and hopefully generate more referrals in the future:

1. Notebooks.

The thing about notebooks is people can use them for almost anything. You can use them to jot down notes, create your to-do list, or utilize them for school purposes. But to make these more sentimental and memorable for your clients, you can personalize them by incorporating your company’s brand name and as well as your customer’s name. You can collaborate with MeowPrint Corporate Gifts and other corporate gift suppliers to help you produce multiple personalized notebooks.

Moreover, don’t forget to consider the type of journal your clients would like, whether they want lined, dotted, or blank pages.

2. Succulent Garden Or Terrarium.

Brighten the mood of your clients by gifting them desk plants like a terrarium or a succulent garden. These plants will effortlessly add life and color to your clients, boosting their energy. They’re also low maintenance, which means they don’t require much water every day. When giving them away, make sure to add a small note of appreciation to make your gift more personal.

3. Headphones.

Headphones make an excellent corporate gift as these are useful, especially if your clients love listening to soothing tunes to improve their concentration. So, make sure to give them a high-quality pair with your company logo customized unto it. Your clients will remember you every time they play their favorite tunes to drown out the noise. 

4. Spa Baskets.

If your company is in line with the health and beauty industry, it may be a good idea to give away some spa baskets to your clients as their corporate gifts. These baskets shall be filled with your spa treatment products that’ll allow them to unwind and relax at home.  

5. Water Bottles.

Many businesses are already fond of giving free and branded water bottles to their visiting and returning clients. However, most of these water bottles are cheap and disposable, making them easy to throw away after use. Instead of those plastic ones, go for a more stylish, high-quality water bottle, which they can reuse again as a water tumbler. Not only are you giving them water, but you’re also giving them something they can actually use in the future. 

You can also incorporate your company name or a logo design. Just make sure to be subtle when printing your logo as part of the business gift-giving etiquette.

6. Toiletry Bag.

Another functional item fit for a corporate gift is a toiletry bag. Toiletry bags are a necessity regardless of which industry you’re in or what type of clients you have. You can monogram it with your company name or logo before giving them away to your clients. Now, your clients will have a bag to contain their toiletries whenever they travel somewhere else. For a better gift, go for a waterproof toiletry bag, and they’ll surely use it for life.

7. Calendars.

Help your clients become more organized by giving them some fun company calendars. These may be simple, but you still won’t go wrong with these functional desk accessories as they’re functional all year round. Make it more memorable by printing their names on it together with your company logo.

Furthermore, use high-quality paper to make your calendars more distinguishable than the other companies that might give company calendars. A super stylish and high-quality calendar will make your clients want to use it more.

8. Business Card Holders.

Do your clients a favor by gifting them personalized business cardholders to keep their cards organized instead of being cramped in their wallets or pockets. Besides personalizing them, make sure you go for stylish and durable cardholders as their quality would represent how your company is perceived.

9. Company Pens.

Like notebooks, pens are also functional in almost anything. So, consider giving some personalized pens for your clients with their names monogrammed on them. You might also want to gift the pens together with the notebooks for a perfect gift combo.

10. Personalized Clothing.

Chances are, many companies have tried providing personalized t-shirts for their clients. However, this corporate gifting strategy won’t work out if your customized t-shirts would only end up at local thrift shops because your clients simply didn’t like them.

Make yours distinct by going for personalized clothing that’s more fashionable and more likely to be worn by your clients instead of being donated. For instance, you can go for hats, crop tops, polo shirts, glasses, or any apparel that are trending these days.

Bonus: Festive Wine Baskets.

It’s a custom to celebrate good things with a bottle of good wine. Gift baskets with fine wine would make excellent gift options to celebrate a holiday or any special occasion with your customers. Other than a good bottle of wine, include high-quality chocolates or snacks and personalized wine gear, such as glasses or flasks. Enclose a heartfelt note to round up the gift.

Or if you want to keep the wine theme, you can give them a gift that keeps on giving. What is that you may ask? The answer is a red wine club membership.


You don’t have to wait for a specific occasion to remind your clients how much they mean for you and your company. So, browse through this list and send an ‘off-season’ corporate gift for your clients today.