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How To Refocus And Re-Energise Your Workforce For 2022


Employers have their work cut out for them when it comes to energising their team with a future so unknown. While the state of our national and global recovery might be unwritten, there are still a number of ways that a workforce can be reinvigorated in the new year.

As we tear the page out in 2021, here are some tips to put into practice in 2022 to refocus your team and get back to excelling at and enjoying what you do.

Change is as good as a holiday

While a full team vacation might put some smiles on the faces of your team, there is a more affordable and sustainable move to be made. Changing your office environment can profoundly impact your workforce, as you literally leave an office that might be tied to some uncertainty and start fresh with new surroundings. 

Modern office relocation services make the move very easy, and there are so many more unique spaces out there now that you can look beyond the textbook stuffy office and explore warehouses, lofts and even somewhere with an incredible view. Maybe even send around a poll to your workforce and learn what environments inspire them most.

Team building and socialising

A united team is a productive team, and it really boosts the morale of any office. Team building and social outings are going to go a long way in making your workforce feel connected and allow them to blow off steam before the new year. We all know how essential this can be! You may wish to make this a work Christmas bash or even something a little more casual but more frequently occurring. 

You don’t want to simply prescribe what the team building or social activity is, so ask around your team and see what people decide. If you have tried to do this before with little success, it might be that bowling just isn’t what your team want! Keep probing – there is the perfect activity out there.

Review your goals and priorities

If you and your workforce are not feeling focused, then you might need to revisit what your actual focus is. With deadlines and opportunities coming at you every day, it can be easy to forget what your goals and priorities are that you stipulated in your business plan. This can lead to a disillusioned team with no idea what they should be working towards. 

Your business plan should be something that is reviewed often and communicated with the wider team, which can be defined by your management or even by your employees. There is no better investment of time that you can give your business than defining your goals so make sure this is done so you approach the new year with a fresh and targeted plan.

Upgrade your technology, tools and subscriptions

A slow PC, worn-out tools and outdated subscriptions can really make a workday drag on. If these things are fundamental to your business and productivity, you must invest in the most modern editions so that your workforce feel valued and have a re-energised outlook. No one wins by allowing standards to slip and short tasks taking hours to complete. If you are unsure what to invest in, talk to the department heads in your team and ask what tools would make their team more productive. The specialists are going to know what the best technology is out there so leverage their insights to get the best tools and prices.

Naturally, we feel unmotivated from time to time, but if you feel like your workforce is in a low mood more often than not, it is absolutely time to refocus. Get started with these ideas here and see how your team responds, pivoting as you go until everyone is energised and ready to start the new year with a bang.



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