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Why Fleet Leasing Is A Smart Business Choice


When it comes to kitting out your workforce with suitable transport, options can seem relatively limited, especially if you’re on a budget and can’t simply fund the purchase of multiple vehicles. However, it’s important that, when you do buy vehicles, they are reliable and positively reflect your business. Having a fleet full of old, expensive-to-run vehicles could harm your brand as much as it would your bank account.

There is a viable solution, though, and it ticks a lot of boxes. That solution is a fleet leasing deal from Vavoom, which, if you’ve not heard of before, is the leasing of multiple vehicles for business use, which comes with added benefits. By opting for this type of lease, not only can you ensure that your staff receive proper transport, but you can also benefit from tools, such as data feedback, that are used to manage your fleet.

When you break down the pros and cons, leasing a fleet of vehicles makes much more sense than buying them. So, let’s look at the facts.

A cost-effective & efficient way of leasing.

To fully understand the benefits of leasing, you’ve got to weigh up the cons of buying outright and why it may not be a great idea in the long run. If you buy a vehicle outright, you have to pay the whole sum upfront, and that’s just for one vehicle, so imagine the cost when looking at an entire fleet of vehicles. The cost can be huge and paying that amount of money in one chunk can go one of two ways, either it will disrupt your cash flow, or the sum will simply be too large for you to afford, leaving you without a solution.

By leasing multiple vehicles, you can break that huge upfront sum down into smaller monthly payments. This will allow you to factor the cost of your vehicles into your monthly outgoings and budget much more effectively. It also means that you’ll be able to afford to acquire a fleet of vehicles, rather than being priced out due to the cost being too large. Not only can you get a lease deal on multiple vehicles, but you can also choose from a range of brand-new models to ensure that your fleet is not just reliable but also looks professional. Further to this, once your lease deal ends, you can easily start a new lease on a whole new fleet and take advantage of the latest vehicles on the market.

Another benefit of fleet leasing is that you can enjoy effective management tools, which allow you to oversee data such as distance travelled and fuel consumption. By having this data to hand, you’re able to identify ways of streamlining travel and reducing costs. You may also identify ways of making your company’s transport options more efficient, such as switching from a petrol fleet to an electric fleet, for example.