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3 Tips For Refreshing Your Office


With the rise of remote working, our offices have seen some neglect over the past eighteen months.

And though many companies have now eschewed the office concept altogether, others are making a part or full-time return. Wherever you’re working from, many employees and entrepreneurs are looking for ways to improve their home and office working spaces post-pandemic to maximise comfort, minimise distraction and promote efficiency.

With that in mind, these are just three tips for refreshing your office.

1. Invest in cost-effective comfort and style.

Splashing out on new décor for your office can quickly rack up costs.

But there’s no need to go mad with extravagant expenses, especially since many businesses are short on funds after what as been a difficult period.

You’ll find plenty of practical and budget-friendly adornments at a reasonable prices – the addition of a few plants and calming pictures can add a real je ne sais quoi.

And if you’re looking for ways to boost staff morale or simply want to cosy up your home office, consider the addition of cushions and throws (and perhaps even a sofa!) to give your staff or yourself a relaxation space for those much-deserved breaks – Ikea have a fantastic low-cost selection.

Whether you have a team of one or ten, a little comfort can go a long way in boosting mood.

2. Invest in high-quality furniture.

There are spaces where you can cut costs in business, but when it comes to your furnishings, it’s best to invest.

The expression ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ comes to mind – you don’t want to be replacing broken and worn furniture too soon down the line, and if your office is frequently visited by clients, it’s important that it makes the right impression.

Be sure to invest in high quality pieces that will impress visitors and suit staff, and don’t be afraid to splash out a little more on style. This is particularly important if your office is based at home – after all, it may be your office, but it’s still a part of your house and should still have elements of your own unique taste. Furniture pros like Made.com offer beautiful pieces that will make your office look like something straight out of a glossy magazine, and allow you to personalise your space as you like.

3. Deep-cleaning.

Cleanliness has never been more important, and it’s especially vital if you’re sharing a space with others.

If your office hasn’t been touched in a while, or if it’s in use frequently by many people, it may be worth investing in deep cleaning services from the likes of Advanced Chemdry Huddersfield. They offer both domestic and commercial services that will ensure your office is safely sanitised, so you can put health and safety first.

While this is more important than ever, it’s also generally good practice for any office space. And if your home office carpets and rugs have suffered after a year and a half of frequent usage, it may be worth giving them a call!

These are just three tips for renovating your office, whether you’re #WFH or getting back to business as usual.