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Top Digital Professions In The Luxury Industry


The luxury industry is one of the biggest employers of digital professions as much as any other industry. It is easy to understand why, as the luxury industry is a colossal industry with a big online presence. Due to the high demand for digital influence in today’s time, every company, no matter which industry they belong from, needs to utilize the said digital means to reach their goals. The luxury industry is no different either.

This gives rise to big opportunities for individuals in the digital professions to make a career in this industry. With that in mind, we will take a look at the top few digital professions that you will find in any company from the luxury industry. Let us begin!

Digital Marketing Manager

Nowadays, there are many reasons to separate digital marketing from traditional marketing even though both’s target is promotion and raising awareness about the brand. Yet, because the methods used in either are so different and given the growth of the digital world — it is easy to treat digital marketing as a separate section of its own.

The luxury industry has a high demand for digital marketing individuals to promote and advertise their brands online. A digital marketing manager is responsible for coordinating and supervising the methods used to promote brand products and services. They actively use marketing techniques such as development, acquisition, and enhancing customer loyalty.

Social Media Strategists

It would be a big mistake to disregard the presence and impact of social media in today’s time. It is no more a place that connects you with your loved ones but an important platform that can be effectively used as a powerful business tool. The luxury industry is aware of that and thus has a high demand for social media strategists.

The main job of a social media strategist is to come up with techniques and plans to have a wider reach on social media, recognizing potential customers, and reading into the trends to understand the demands of both existing and potential customers.

CRM Executive

Customer Relationship Management is another important section of marketing for any luxury company. To meet the demands of customers, you first need to understand and know about your customers.

A CRM executive helps in accumulating and managing customer information and organizing them in a manner that makes it easier to access said information. Based on the information accumulated, businesses can come up with product and service ideas, plans and strategies, and enhance customer experience.

Online Brand Manager

Lastly, one of the top digital professions in the luxury industry is that of an online brand manager. For the luxury industry, their brand is everything. Consumers of the luxury industry will first go for the brand and then for their products and services.

Therefore, managing their brand image and presence both offline and online is of great importance. An online brand manager is responsible for coming up with online brand management strategies and increasing brand visibility online.

Not only for digital professions, but the industry is also filled with job opportunities for all sorts of professions. There are various recruitment agencies like Morgan & Mallet International that can help you find the perfect job in the luxury industries.