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How To Market Your Car Dealership Effectively


Back in 2020, many physical businesses were struggling amid the pandemic that swept the world. They’ve had to shut down and take a hit on the profits, with many going out of business. On the other hand, those that had robust online systems in place before it happened saw an uptick. Being online and visible was and still is extremely important for businesses to succeed.

We’ll discuss what it takes to successfully market a car dealership and stand out among the crowded competition to ensure you stay on top.

What’s your USP?

You probably already know this one, but having a USP (unique selling point) can immensely help with your marketing efforts. Do you offer same-day car finance so customers can drive away with their new car right away? Perhaps you offer insurance together with cars or a delivery & collection service? Standing out from the crowd is tough so make sure that your products and services are well-thought-out and offer maximum value to the customer.

Have a Website.

You’d be surprised, but research conducted by UENI has found that 75% of over 5,000 surveyed small UK & US businesses didn’t have a website in 2019. That’s alarming, especially in the light of the recent events.

If you’re not online, this means missing out on an opportunity to be found by potential customers. This mistake can cost greatly, as everything is becoming increasingly interconnected and businesses need to be where the customer is if they want to stay afloat.

For car dealerships, an e-commerce website is the best bet, as you can both market and sell the products and services at the same time. Numerous dealerships and car manufacturers already have an established online presence, so such a website is a must-have if you’re in this line of business.

Digital Marketing Channels.

Traditional marketing via radio, billboards, print press and TV still has its place but is becoming overshadowed by digital technologies. There are many aspects to digital marketing which include social media, SEO (search engine optimisation), SEM (search engine marketing), email and other smaller branches.

You should create a marketing strategy and evaluate which channels would work the best for your business goals. There is a marketing funnel that you need to keep in mind, so don’t expect sales straight away just by running a couple of Google ads.

Start Small.

It’s a process, and it takes time. Using all of the channels at once can be overwhelming, so start small.

If brand awareness is your goal in the beginning, then running ads across social media and search engines could help spread the word. Meanwhile, SEO is good if you want more people to find your business online via search engines, but the work needs to be consistent, and you won’t see the results straight away.

Finding the right combination isn’t easy, but you should be selective in what you use to market your dealership. Don’t stretch yourself too thin trying to do too many things at once, or you probably won’t see the desired results.

The End Note.

Having an online presence increases your business visibility which in turn, creates opportunities to connect with your potential customer and helps to drive sales both online and in showrooms. This can be achieved through a website and digital marketing, but you’ll need to be careful in choosing the right tools & channels for your business.

What strategies do you use to market your business? Let us know in the comments!