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4 Signs That You Should Consider Outsourcing Your IT Department


When you’re a startup, you have to do a lot of things yourself. You may have someone in-house handling your IT or think that you have what it takes to handle it. But there comes a time when you have to consider letting experts handle the job. You may be thinking that you’re making savings right now, but you could be wasting valuable time or eventually make a disastrous mistake that could put your business in jeopardy. This is why you need to take a long look at your situation and possible options.

Let’s take a look at some of the signs that you should consider outsourcing your IT functions.

1. Faster Time-To-Market.

The process of building an in-house IT team can be very time-consuming and cost your business a lot of money. When you hire a professional team, you can focus on what matters the most: getting your product to market. No need to interview people who may or may not stay with your company. Work with the right team and you can start immediately on building your product.

2. No HR Issues.

Not only will you not have to spend time finding and hiring talent, but you won’t have to deal with all the other issues that come with having more employees. You won’t have to worry about benefits or payroll issues. You won’t have to deal with a small catastrophe because half of your team couldn’t get to work either.

3. You’re Going Remote.

You should also consider working with a professional IT team if you are thinking of going remote like a lot of people at the moment. If you’ve already started, you may have realized how much of a logistical and cybersecurity challenge it can be. It’s much easier to monitor activity on your network when everyone is on the premises using company devices. But, with remote working, people can connect from anywhere and usually using their own devices, which makes things much more complicated.

4. You Want to Implement a BYOD Policy.

The same goes if you want to allow people to use their own devices at work. This could be anything from computers to allowing them to use their phones to power work applications. This is another thing that can bring cybersecurity issues.

If you are thinking of doing this with your organization, or going remote, we would suggest you consult with a team like totalit.com. Since you’ll be using a lot of cloud services, you need to monitor access not only to your local network but on the cloud applications you’re using as well. This is something that requires a lot of specialized expertise; expertise you or people on your team may not have at the moment.


So, if you identify any of these signs in your organization, it might be time for you to look for a managed IT service. They will allow you to free up time and resources that you could allocate to more crucial functions.