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When Should You Make A Cold Call, Email, or Both?


Nobody likes to intrude and reach out to people they don’t know, which is why it can be challenging to make a cold call or email. In some industries, cold calling may be better than sending a cold email and vise versa. Is there ever a right time to make a cold call and send a cold email to the same prospect? Possibly.

We will break down when is the best time to make a cold call, send a cold email, or do both. 

When to Make a Cold Call, Email, or Do Both

When Do I Make a Cold Call?

When your main objective is to gather responses, a cold call is usually the way to go. The average office worker receives 121 emails a day, which means yours could get lost in the rest of the unopened emails. It can be challenging to stand out from the crowd and get your prospect’s attention through an email. If you can’t get an in-person meeting, cold calling is the next best thing to having that human-to-human interaction. In telemarketing, cold calling is still used as an essential tactic when working a sale. When you decide to make a cold call, email is usually another way to compliment a cold calling campaign.

Cold calls are a great way to add more touchpoints to reach as many people as possible through inbound and outbound methods. The method of cold calling is most successful when you have found your target market or when your advertising and marketing efforts have cost limits. Making a cold call to new people, potential clients, or people in your industry is a great way to hustle and find new business opportunities, but when should cold emailing be implemented into your marketing? 

When Do I Send a Cold Email?

A cold email does not always allow the salesman to have control over the conversation or response time, but emailing does have a significant advantage over cold calling. With email, you are able to send out hundreds of cold emails with the click of a button. If you have a small team that can’t make an impactful amount of cold calls in a day or week, a great alternative is sending out cold emails. There’s no time difference between sending 1,000 or 10,000 emails, but there is an incredible time difference between that amount when you are making calls. 

When crafting these cold emails, they should never come off as a way for your company to brag about itself. They should include valuable information, feel personal and thoughtful, and target a specific audience. Consider your target audience when you are crafting your message and think about what they will respond best to — whether it is a call or email. As the world becomes increasingly digital, salespeople will need to learn how to sell online or through an email setting.

When Do I Make the Call and Send the Email?

In some cases, making the cold call and sending the cold email will benefit you immensely. Both tactics have their strengths and weaknesses, and when used together, you will be able to reach more people than when just using one or the other. Create a multi-touch approach where you are calling, emailing, and possibly even utilizing paid advertising. 

A phone call can be better when you expect your client to have multiple questions, but a cold email can work best when you are trying to reach a decision-maker. Knowing and understanding your target audience will help you determine where and how you should be contacting them.

Making the initial cold outreach can be challenging but can also be rewarding. Before you start to make a cold call or email, research your target audience. Find out who your audience is, where they are, and what way they are most likely to speak to you. Creating an entire marketing campaign to reach your potential clients can work in your favor because you are using a little bit of everything and will be able to speak to various audiences on different platforms. Whether it is a phone call or email, everything will be ignored if it is not compelling enough.