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Can AWS Data Migration Services Help With Data Migration And Conversion?


If your small business is considering migrating or converting a large amount of data, it may seem like a scary task. However, the most important part of performing a data migration or conversion is knowing where and how to start. If your data has been unmaintained and or is disorganized, there may be more steps involved. It is also important to determine before you begin whether you need to migrate or convert your data. Fortunately, Amazon Web Services offers both their Data Migration Services (DMS) and their Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) to help your small business update your data storage.

We’ll begin by exploring the differences between data migration and data conversion, and then we’ll determine which option is right for you. It may be the case that you will have to both convert and migrate data, which requires more steps, but will ultimately keep your precious data safe and easily accessible. 

What is the Difference Between AWS  Data Migration and Data Conversion?

We explore which AWS Product, Data Migration Services or Schema Conversion Tool, is best for your your business needs

Before you get overwhelmed with a major data migration, find out the difference between data conversion and data migration.

Though they are often talked about interchangeably in the industry, data migration and data conversion are different processes. It is true that conversion is often a step within a data migration, but they both serve different purposes to get your data from the source to the target. When data is migrated, it is moving from the data source to the target. Usually data migrations are performed when businesses move from on site storage to the cloud. However, these migrations often cannot happen without changing the source material so it can be accessible in the cloud. This is where the conversion process comes into play. Data conversion is the changing of data from one format to another. 

So when it comes to choosing between the AWS Data Migration Services or AWS Schema Conversion Tool, you will most likely need to use a bit of both to get your data up and running at the target. Let’s explore the steps associated with conversion and migration so we can get a better understanding of how these services differ. 

Migration Process

When you are migrating your data, the AWS Data Migration Services will perform these tasks before your data is up and running on your new system.

  • Reviewing the database and its current status of the database 
  • Mapping data to review and gaps or inconsistencies
  • Keeping track of the categories where your data currently resides
  • Identifying the target
  • Migrating your data from the old database to the new one
  • Performing continuous tests on the newly migrated data

Conversion Process

When you need to perform a data conversion, the process is a bit different. Instead of moving the data and testing for errors in the source and target, the AWS Schema Conversion Tool actually transforms the data into a format more well suited to its destination. Here are the steps the AWS Schema Conversion tool will go through to alter your existing data.

  • Cataloging your data
  • Identifying the source
  • Locating any information that may be missing
  • Converting and translating your existing data
  • Identifying the destination
  • Testing and validating the data once it has arrived at the destination

What Separates Amazon Web Services From Other Data Migration and Conversion Tools?

Find out how Amazon Web Services can help your business

You may need some help during your data migration. You can always contact a local IT firm or reach out to Amazon for help.

There are many reasons Amazon Web Services has become so popular with so many major companies in recent years. The AWS suite offers a robust cloud service with little initial investment, making it a great idea for small businesses who need to majorly change their data storage services. Here are a few of the best features of the AWS Data Migration Services and Schema Conversion tools.

Extra Security

When your company makes the decision to convert and migrate your data to the cloud, you can rest assured that your data is much safer than when it was stored using older methods. AWS is known for being one of the most secure and trustworthy cloud platforms on the market currently. 


Because AWS is such a popular cloud storage service for businesses large and small alike, it offers flexibility and scalability in your data storage. This means that organizations do not have to pay for storage they may use in the future as the business grows. Rather, the businesses will be able to grow along with the AWS cloud only paying for the storage they need in the moment.

Low Initial Cost

When companies move away from onsite data storage, the cost to store their data almost immediately decreases. Physical storage requires continuous skilled maintenance and constant hardware updates that need to be performed in order to upgrade storage as technology advances. If these updates are not carried out at regular intervals, your data becomes more vulnerable to cyberattacks. By taking in AWS as your cloud service, the initial cost is low yet comes with unlimited scalability and will free you of having to maintain your onsite data storage.

How to Know Which Service You Need

Assess your company to decide what AWS services are necessary to complete your migration

Making a decision on how to properly migrate your data is difficult! Make sure you understand your data and have considered all of your options.

When you are considering moving your data to the cloud, one of the first steps to take is to test your data in its current state and format. This will help you identify what changes need to be made before you can begin your seamless data migration. If there are many errors or incompatible formats that could hold up your migration from source to target, it is likely that you will need both services to get your data up to date. 

Overall, though data conversion is a complicated process, by breaking it down into steps and choosing the right tools, your data migration will go off without a hitch. You’ll be able to save money in the long run, update your database, and increase your defense against hackers.



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