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Knowing The Importance Of Reading And Reviewing Your Employment Contract


How many times have you signed a contract without going through it in detail? If the answer is yes, then you are not alone. No one seems to care about the essential stuff that makes a contract, such as the Arbitration Agreement, terms and conditions, job description, and so on.

This is specifically true for those who are overly excited to land their first job ever, causing them to jump up and down with joy and proceed to sign the contract without reading it. The primary reason for committing such a blunder is that most people are overly focused on getting a job, that this is all that matters to them.

The Typical Case Scenario

As a new employee, you need to know your basic right, duty, and responsibility to request an employment contract that very clearly and explicitly spells out your job description, duties, responsibilities, and the company’s expectations from you. This is how an employment contract establishes itself as a solid entity connecting an employee to their employer while minimizing all potential misunderstandings and proving a set parameter of interaction between both parties.

By making the employee sign the contract, the potential employer will want to bring the new team member on board as soon as possible, so there is much pressure involved in the signing of a contract. As a new employee, you should never rush into signing the piece of paper in a hurry. Instead, take some time to go through all numbers of clauses and comprehend everything thoroughly before signing it.

Why the Need for a Second Eye?

After your excitement of having gotten your first job subsidizes, you can proceed to assessing the contract and going over it step-by-step. Nonetheless, if the tiny written words feel like a strain to your eyes, it is recommended to include a second eye in the process.

The second eye could be a parent figure, your teachers, a spouse, and preferably, a lawyer. The opinion of a lawyer will come in handy when you have specific problems with comprehending the content of some clauses. The professional experts will assist you with understanding the contract and double-check that the clauses match the job description and are per the applicable employment laws.

You might not know, but some terms and clauses in an employment contract are also negotiable, which is why it is a good idea to seek guidance and reassurance from a lawyer in this regard.

View the Contract as a Mutual Agreement

As an employee, you ought to view the employment contract as a legal document of mutual agreement between two parties, through which you and the employer have to abide. Since there could be complex causes involved, a lawyer can help break the clauses down into simpler terms and add to your knowledge on how things will be run during your job period with the respective company.

You will get to know what you are about to agree to, in terms of work-hours, bonuses, provident fund, mode of payment, payment date, age restrictions, and other essentials that can be better interpreted with the help of a lawyer.

After one gets a clear idea of what is expected from them, they won’t feel overworked or overburdened with the company’s expectations from them. And in case one feels uncomfortable with any of the given clauses or terms and conditions of the contract, they can always withdraw from singing it and even ask for adjustments.

A Few Extra Reminders about Signing Contracts

Ensure that all blank spaces of the contract are filled out (or crossed out if not applicable). Also, ensure that everything promised by your potential employer is included in written format on the contract, such as holiday leaves, bonuses, and other terms and conditions.

Although it might be your first job yet, don’t be afraid of asking for some time before you sign a contract. You can ask your potential employer about allowing you to take the document home and get a second opinion from a lawyer before signing it. Lastly, know the importance of keeping a copy of everything signed by you. Remember that a contract is designed to protect and safeguard the rights of all parties involved. Hence, make sure to understand all clauses before you sign in the provided space.