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4 Fashion Tips For Men To Dress Better For Work


You’re great at loads of things, such as fixing the dishwasher, delivering answers to the toughest questions at work or giving great tips for working out. But if you have no clue how to match your new shoes to any of your clothes, you won’t make the right impression at work. After all, they say that clothes make the man.

But for most men, putting together an outfit can be a daunting task. But who doesn’t like to get complimented now and then? With the following fashion tips, you will find out how to always look great when you step into the office.

1. Wear the right size.

Show off your body! You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. Why wear a shirt 3 sizes too big if it’s not even necessary? People don’t care that you’re wearing an expensive shirt if you’ll fit in it twice. Did you know that you can gain twice as much attention if you wear well-fitted clothes? So why wouldn’t you? Not only does this count for sizes, but also for the fitting. When shopping, try different kinds of fitting forms such as regular, straight, slim or muscle fit. Try them one by one and find out which fit suits best for your physique. If you don’t know, we recommend you to go to a tailor. They can help you out.

2. Invest in basics.

An expensive tailored suit, crazy swim shorts or wild coloured pants can easily be included in your wardrobe. Nevertheless, it is wise to invest in good basics, especially if you work from home. Think about t-shirts (for example the merino T-shirt), shirts, sweaters and hoodies. If you have these items in timeless colours (white, black, navy and grey) your outfit will definitely be great! Basic clothes are essential for your wardrobe because they can easily be combined with bolder clothing items. 

When you’re at home and not on a work Zoom call, still make an effort to look great. Invest in a good pair of sweatpants for men (dutch: sweatpants heren). This way, if you have an emergency work call, you’d be both comfortable and ready. 

3. The right accessories.

A great fashions sense is more than just clothes, it’s the accessories that complete your outfit. Wear a hat to emphasize your face (or if you’re having a bad hair day). As well as a watch which can make you look very sophisticated and confident. The good option is to buy a Rolex watch, because it is a versatile luxury item.

Then, sunglasses will always be a timeless fashion item. However, only if they compliment your face structure, so ask a friend or specialist to help you out.

The last important accessory to complete your appearance is a bag. You can have different kinds of bags for different occasions. Bring a backpack if you’re going to hang out with friends and a leather briefcase if you work in an office. Most people use the same bag everyday for a long time, so it is important to invest in a quality bag.

4. Be Confident.

Being confident is more important than wearing a fashionable outfit. As long as you radiate confidence, you can transform any outfit into a great one. As a matter of fact, people tend to care less about what you’re wearing if you are confident. However, you can’t be confident if you’re not being yourself. That’s why it is most important to dress true to who you are. It wouldn’t make sense to dress as a cowboy if you can’t even ride a horse. So dress the way that feels natural to you in order to boost your confidence.

So call your friends and go out shopping with these tips in mind. We’re sure you’ll look the part when you’re done shopping.