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The Top 5 Traits Of Great CRM Software


Customer relationship management software has transformed the way companies engage with customers, paving the way for success. The majority of businesses with more than a few employees use CRM solutions because they really do work. However, some software goes above and beyond basic management functions.

Here are five of the benefits you’ll get from a top-tier solution.

1. Actionable Insight.

The best CRM software produces significant quantities of data, but also helps you interpret it to make better decisions. For example, Salesforce opportunity stages provide probability values that can result in better sales forecasts. The platform can even automate the process while improving accuracy. Plenty of CRM systems will pump out data, but only the best make it easier to leverage.

2. Cloud Capability.

The majority of CRM solutions these days are based in the cloud, but the quality of the cloud depends on the company. The best CRM systems place a heavy focus on stability and security, following crucial regulations and earning certifications such as ISO 27001.These regulations ensure data is protected even when employees are accessing the CRM from many different locations.

Cloud CRMs help foster collaboration, and some even offer ways for different team members to remotely collaborate on account materials within the software itself. Because there is no centralized location of all the data, team members can access it any time they need to. CRM cloud quality is a huge differentiator among services.

3. Multi-rental System.

For small and medium-sized businesses, one barrier to the most effective CRMs is cost. A single-tenant system is often financially out of reach for these companies. These systems can also be overly complicated to update for companies with small or nonexistent IT teams. The most cost-effective CRMs operate multi-rental platforms, allowing multiple businesses to use the CRM’s infrastructure. This brings down the cost and reduces the burden of administration for each tenant.

4. Speedy App Development.

Great CRMs allow developers to customize their applications to meet the needs of the business. However, many of them also make developers jump through a lot of hoops that needlessly slow down development. Top CRM platforms streamline their app development process so it’s easy to customize and install modules in the system.

5. App Exchange.

Many companies don’t have dedicated developers, but the best CRM platforms don’t let that get in the way of businesses modifying the software to meet needs. App exchanges allow developers to simply upload their applications to a marketplace where businesses can search for the right fit.

CRM Software Benefits Companies and Customers.

Businesses that use a CRM solution have better relationships with customers for several different reasons. Because the system gathers all the relevant data on a customer, very little can slip through the cracks unless a salesperson drops the ball and fails to utilize the data effectively. All this information also makes it easier to plan for each individual account and effectively manage time. If you’re looking for a way to give your business an edge, consider switching to a CRM system with a wider set of features.