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Hiring For The First Time? Here Are The Type Of People To Look Out For


Hiring and expanding a team is always an invigorating experience. A fresh mind is joining and might actually be what the team is needing to reach their targets or make a massive change in how they do stuff.

But with that said, how do you hire? Many people think hiring is an easy thing. Well, it somewhat is, mostly it’s on luck. But when you start reading and really getting into the matter of hiring and recruiting, you begin to see that it’s not all that simple. You have to know when an ISTJ personality type is, which candidate has the potential to be a maverick employee, and so on.

No wonder some people go to university to learn how to become recruiters and then there are huge companies focusing only on recruiting. But, if you are hiring for the very first time in your life, you can’t exactly shell out thousands to find just one employee. You do most of the things yourself.

So, we put a really short and up to the point guide on what to look for when you’re just dipping your toes in recruiting. And, most importantly, don’t be afraid of failing. You can’t learn if you don’t fail once or twice.

Real-life experience is so much more important in some instances than academia.

There’s nothing more than showing a flashy resume that people who went to fancy universities love. Well, well. Things have changed. Now it’s a lot more than just going to the right university.

In fact, for most fields today, academia doesn’t exactly give you the right set of skills that you need to succeed in today’s day and age. Many of the top designers, creatives, and thinkers of the twenty-first century have learned by doing, not by studying.

That’s why if there’s one rule that applies widely to recruiters, it’s to look for similar or applicable experience when you’re recruiting the first person on your team.

Come up and ask questions that will get you closer to your decision.

And, recruiting is more than just asking random, but somewhat related questions. You have to ask the right questions. Questions that will get you closer to making up your mind and understanding whether or not the applicant is the right person for the job.

That’s why it’s so important to ask questions that are highly relevant to the role they’re applying for and, yes, that also means that you’ll have to be extra good at understanding their resume, so a lot of preparation is needed to conduct a successful interview.

Come up with questions that will help you better understand the applicant’s work and experience.

More often than not you’ll have to answer questions of the interviewee as well.

And where many recruiters totally bomb an interview is when the applicant starts asking questions. To be a successful recruiter, you have to realize that a job interview goes both ways.

You have to explain to the applicant what’s your mission with the business, how you’re doing things, and most importantly, why you’re doing them.

Prepare to answer those questions. You want to show them that the place they’re starting to work at is actually doing their little change in the world.

Feedback after the interview is one of the most important things, and many recruiters totally miss on.

And, whether you like an applicant or not, it’s vital to provide feedback after the interview. But by feedback, we don’t mean those automated, soulless emails that companies love to send out to everyone who has applied.

It’s much better and more personal when you either send a personal email exactly explaining why the person wasn’t hired or calling them and explaining it to them over the phone.

This leaves a much better impression on the applicant, and just because you don’t find them a great fit right now, it doesn’t mean that you won’t hire them in the future. So, you want to leave a positive lasting impression.

Get organized with your interviews and make sure everyone is updated with when their interview is.

Finally, it’s important that you have to get organized with your interviews. There have been so many times when an applicant arrives frustrated because they missed the appointment, or because they couldn’t find the place.

So, as a recruiter, make sure to send out a calendar invite to them. Include everything that can help them find the right address, including a Maps premade to lead to your office. Also, make sure to add what potential documents an applicant may have to bring with them, and a phone number that they can get in contact with the recruiter if there’s a need to do it.