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5 Ways To Flip Your Home Fast


Selling your home isn’t always easy, but if you’ve spotted the next prime property that you would like to purchase in order to live in permanently or renovate and sell on for a profit, you might need to free up funds from your existing home first.

You’ll need to make a move reasonably quickly if you don’t want to miss out and any improvements you make will have to be completed fast and economically.

With that in mind, here are five ways to flip your home fast.

1. Sell in spring if possible.

If it happens to be Spring when you’re selling, or if you can hang on for a few weeks before going to market, this is a great time of year for getting rid of real estate.

There are several reasons for selling your home in spring, including the fact that it’s more convenient for families who want to move before a new school year, you’ll benefit from long, warm days when more people are out and about feeling positive about spending money, and the fact that your front garden will be in full bloom.

2. Get an accurate valuation.

Ask nicely and many real estate agents will give you a free valuation on your home. Once you have at least three valuations you can settle for a price tag that’s somewhere in the middle.

Remember that you’ll have to balance out maximising your profit with setting a price that’s competitive in the local market.

3. De-clutter.

Clearing out clutter like coats in your vestibule, ornaments from your shelves and products from your bathroom creates a sublime sense of space and flow for potential buyers.

Leave enough items so that it doesn’t look bare though – this lets viewers visualise your house as their home. If you’re struggling for ideas, get some ideas from tidying guru Marie Kondo.

4. Refresh your interior.

There’s no need for a major refurbishment project to make your home interior look brand new – there are several simple steps you can take that really make a difference.

For instance, you can repaint your internal doors, hang a few mirrors to create a spacious ambience, switch up your soft furnishings and add a few atmospheric lamps.

5. Spruce up your exterior.

First impressions last and if the first things you notice when you pull up in front of a property are unsightly cracks in the façade, it’s genuinely off-putting.

However, Direct Building Products can provide you with render products which are easy to apply and have your home exterior looking fresh and fabulous in a few hours flat.

Follow these five ways to flip your home fast and you’ll be moving on to your next property in no time at all – you can thank us later!

Have we missed your favourite home sale tips? Share them in the comments section.


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