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Online Dental Marketing Checklist For All Startup Practices


Investing in a property for starting a new dental practice involves a lot of money, time, and effort. It can be the turning point in your dental career. Here you wish to have maximum patients to visit your dental care so you can provide them with quality dentistry they deserve. However, there are various things to consider when you think of crafting a business plan, and one of the most important is online dental marketing. It helps you achieve success for your dental practice.

But, it is often seen that most of the startup practices do not consider marketing. They put it on the least priority list while thinking there is nothing to market if don’t have a business license. However, avoiding dental marketing for 60 to 90 days before opening your startup practice may delay your future success. Therefore, to boost your new dental business success, start marketing first.

Marketing Checklist To Consider For All Dental Startups

1. Branding.

While starting a new dental practice, you need to finalise practice name and tagline for it. Ensure to get the proper brand name as it is essential for your practice’s recognition. Also, register a domain name for your dental website that suits your business name. Overall, branding is the process of researching, developing, and applying features to your dental care so that patients can associate with your dental services.

2. Logo Designing.

Designing your business logo is essential as it helps grabs the attention of customers and create a strong first impression. A logo is a symbol that represents your business. Without an attractive and professional logo, your website cannot be completed. It distinguishes your dental practice from the competitors. Therefore, having a recognisable and familiar logo goes a long way in building brand loyalty.

3. Website Development.

A responsive dental website not only provides contact and location details but also offer vital information about your services that patients are searching on a search engine. However, searching terms like “dentist in Melbourne” is the first step that patients take when in need of any dental treatment. Thus, it is better to have a WordPress website built by a digital agency that understands the needs of dentist SEO and web design services.

4. Search Engine Optimisation.

Ensure to launch your dental website at least two to three months ahead to get the results when implementing SEO strategies. Here a digital marketer starts blogging, share content to social media channels, and optimise online directories. SEO marketing allows your site to appear in Google searches for dental services your practice provides. However, SEO is not the fast result providing marketing tactic, but it will inevitably show results in the long run.

5. Google Maps.

Google maps allow a new dental practice to market to their potential patients in a specified locality. Also, it is a free service and costs less than other traditional marketing options. Claiming your business on Google maps increases online visibility while letting patients know that your dental practice exists. Also, it creates many opportunities for your business.

6. Social Media Advertising.

Social media advertising is one of the vital strategies of digital marketing. Here the marketer creates your social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Also, they invite targeted people to follow your social pages to grow your audience base. From sharing a new dental practice journey, posting photos of dental services to introducing a unique team of dentist, all are the activities included in a social media campaign. Overall, through social media marketing your dental practice gain popularity while targeting potential customers.

Bonus: Invest Appropriately.

Invest in call-conversion training for your dental practice front desk team. It is essential to understand your patients better and provide them with what they want. This way, you can boost your business growth. You can also offer insurance plans for dental services as 50% of people do not have dental insurance. Even you can invest in call-tracking technology to measure the leads generated by every marketing source.

Wrapping Up.

Sometimes finding the right dental marketing company specialising in startup dental practices can be challenging. It is because you can easily get lost among many choices available for dental marketing agencies. However, by searching online and comparing quotes and marketing strategies that suits your needs can help you get the right digital agency. Overall, consider the above mentioned digital marketing checklist and start with it to welcome new-patient appointments the day you open.


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