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4 Companies Shaking Up Traditional Menswear


Traditional menswear has been in a bit of slump in the previous decades with brands sticking to the status quo. A lot of brands even got to the point where they were repeating what had been done in the past, but that has started to change in recent times.

There are four companies that have taken the market by storm and become popular among the masses. It’s time to shine a light on these companies to take a look at what they are doing better than the rest and what they have seen in this market.

1. GoTie.

There are very few items of clothing that haven’t changed much since they were adopted by the masses. Ties are one of them.

Although we do have skinny ties, bow ties, neckties and some other variations, the core product hasn’t changed much. That’s where GoTie stands apart.

Rather than the traditional tie, GoTie’s patented technology make it so that you never actually have to tie the tie itself but get all of the benefits that come along with one. Note that these are not “clip on ties”. You get a sharp, professional looking tie without wasting time.

2. Naked & Famous Denim.

When it comes to high-grade denim products, there is no one more unique than Naked & Famous Denim. They have taken the market by storm with sleek designs that are easy on the eyes and provide a sense of modernity that is craved by men these days.

The high-quality designs are some of the best on the market right now and that is what makes them such an appealing brand.

They have continued to add to their inventory and it has grown into a behemoth. This is a brand that is now appreciated around the world and continues to churn out wonderful pieces that are worth putting on. Men that want to look their best and heading towards this brand for all of their clothing needs.

There is a certain charm that comes along with this brand and that is what wins everyone over.

2. Finisterre.

This is a company that has taken another route to the top of the market and in a way that is right in line with what people want these days. In general, they have gone with a sustainable approach that looks to create designs that are eco-friendly while still looking amazing from all angles.

Sustainable brands have always been looked at as fads that don’t work out as intended.

In the past, this may have been true but that is not the case any longer. With the slew of designs that are in this company’s inventory, they have become a major player in the market. People realize this is a UK brand that is ahead of its time and is keeping up with the demand step-for-step.

When it comes to general quality, this is a brand that does its job well and does deserve praise.

4. Barbour.

This is a brand that has earned attention due to its chilled disposition. The brand has never tried to force its styles and yet they continue to appeal to the masses. Why is this the case? What makes Barbour such a powerful brand that deserves praise?

It has a lot to do with the waxed jacket and unique looks that are a part of its inventory.

What other solution is going to do that? What other brand is delivering such unique pieces with a traditional element to them?

Not a lot and that is what the industry has been waiting for. Barbour is the one that has stepped up along with the other companies listed here.

These are the leading companies that have shaken up traditional menswear in a way that has never been seen before. Rather than sticking to what was done before, these companies have tried to mix things up a bit to see how far they can push the niche.

For men that are looking to find the best possible clothes to put on throughout the year, these are the companies to pay attention to.

They have created some of the more intriguing designs on the market right now and are a joy to behold for those who want to enjoy quality clothing.