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3 Ways To Work Smart After Lockdown


To say that the Covid-19 pandemic has been challenging for businesses is a massive understatement.

While the government in nations like the UK moved swiftly to offer various financial support schemes, when these are withdrawn in the coming months and businesses are left to their own devices, it’s unclear which will sink or swim.

But one thing’s certain in this uncertain world – if you’re lucky enough to be running the type of business that’s been able to continue operations remotely and you’ve been able to continue satisfying clients with minimal disruption, you’re in a better position than most.

However, in order to thrive in the ‘new normal’ and not just survive, you’ll have to continue to be agile and responsive in the way that you deal with staff as well as external customers.

With that in mind, here are three ways to work smart after lockdown.

1. Allow staff to work from home permanently.

If you’ve noticed that staff seem more productive and creative while working remotely, and you’ve enough trust as a leader to allow them to work flexibly provided they deliver, why not allow this arrangement to continue forever?

Glasgow creatives MadeBrave have already made this move and others are following suit – it might save you cash on overheads like rent and maintenance while facilitating the work-life balance that makes team members happier and healthier, all of which benefits business.

2. Work from a growth hub.

If you’re a startup that consists of a handful of staff and you need to have a physical space but don’t want to splash out on a physical office, perhaps working from a growth hub is an excellent alternative?

For instance, the Chelmsford Arise Innovation hub is set in a modern university campus just 30 minutes from London and allows you to plug into a support network of academics, researchers and students – this is the type of entrepreneurial environment conducive to serious growth.

3. Improve your culture.

Naturally, global health crises tend to put things in perspective for people and if your leadership style during this difficult time has left a lot to be desired and you don’t remedy matters, you might find that key staff members leave when you need them most.

Emotional maturity has never been more valuable to companies than presently, so take a look at the virtual workshops available from London culture gurus The School of Life and treat yourself and your team to training and development that boosts agility, influence, productivity and self-knowledge.

Pick and choose which options above are the best fit for your company, sector and staff and make the changes today that your future self will be thankful for.

By boxing clever throughout this crisis rather than burning yourself out, you’ll be in brilliant shape for future success!

That’s our list! Share your own transformational business tips in the comments section.


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