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The Success Story Of TEXTA And Its Humble Beginning



In the autumn of 2015, Tim Knorborg, Kim Søgaard Nielsen and Peter Kragh Lauritsen had a small, humble idea to offer texts and their writing services to companies and those around them. At the time, the idea fulfilled their desire and intense passion for content creation, but the potential success of their small company was undiscovered at the time.

Fast forward to 2017, and the company had gone from having a modest office with around 20 employees to over 40 employees in a large, open-plan, workspace. What started as a humble idea between three young students, quickly became a successful content marketing company located in Aarhus, central Denmark.

Their idea started as a part-time job, on the side of their studies at the university. Balancing lectures, seminars, and business meetings, their hard work and dedication promptly paid off. The firm soon took off and saw quick growth and expansion.

Now, the three creators have a proud partnership, and each manages different aspects of the company.

The only way is up.

With a new office in Copenhagen, which opened up in July 2019, the company is still growing and reaching new and exciting areas. With a large portfolio of customers, the company’s two offices work to ensure a smooth workflow and management of their valuable customers.

TEXTA A/S currently works primarily in the Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian markets with growing success in the British, Dutch, and Finish markets.

The firm offers high-quality content creation that is engaging and enjoyable to read. This type of content is the most effective at drawing in leads and converting these hot leads to eventual sales. This analytical approach to copywriting has seen the company work with over an impressive 800 customers. Some of these customers include well-known brands such as Shaping New Tomorrow, Copenhagen Council, and Danske Commodities.

TEXTA offers firms an easy solution to their content needs, whether it be email marketing, translations, blog posts, or product texts to help them embark on the first steps of their content marketing journey. Other tasks are handled in the sister company Komett, e.g. Produktzoom.dk.

As well as content creation, TEXTA can also assist in marketing strategy and SEO techniques. Reaching a higher rank on the search engine result page can easily be achieved with TEXTA, who offer their expertise and knowledge to help firms accomplish their marketing goals and objectives.

Whatever the case, TEXTA can assist you and collaborate with you to create engaging content that gives your firm solid results and effective lead generation.

What does the future hold?

TEXTA’s goal is to become the best and most dynamic text agency in Denmark. Their goal is easily in sight, and their success, and very impressive portfolio, is soon to take them there.

One of TEXTA’s steps in becoming the best text agency in Denmark was to become a limited company. A goal, which was recently achieved, adding to their success story and setting up a solid foundation to progress.

While looking to the future, the company plans to acquire other companies within the same industry and to continue with the same success and ambition that has been seen throughout their journey so far.


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