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Three Steps To Ensure Productivity In The Workplace


Entrepreneurs around the world needs to be on constant focus all the time, when driving their businesses to growth. This require huge amounts of self-discipline, a great deal of work-moral and last but not least high levels of productivity. Especially the last three of these key factors are amongst those who can influence a lot, and this article we delve into the phenomenom of productivity. How do you obtain the highest possible levels of productivity? Do you need and specific framework to be more productive than others? And what role does nutritions, sleep schedules and distractions play, when it comes to productivity?

This and a lot more is what we try to answer in this article. We’ll discuss why you should have the right IT equipment such as HP, eat much healthier and how proper plan yourself into productivity. Read this and become more enlightened on the topic of productivity.

The right IT equipment.

One of the core fundamentals in obtaining high productivity levels is by collecting the right IT equipment. Malfunctions on old computers, slow internet and many more errors caused by old and outdated IT equipment is a normal reducer of productivity in the workplace. This means that you should invest in proper equipment for your office, that wont slow you down because you have to wait for any outdated systems to answer.

A complete set of productivity optimized IT equipment such as computers, double monitors and correctly updated software systems will inevitably hightened your productivity levels by multiple levels. Thus is the right IT equipment crucially in order to obtain higher productivity levels and become a better, more productive worker at the office.

Proper planning and scheduling of workflows.

Cal Newport is the author behind the book called Deep Work, which is a scientifically-based book on how to become the most productive version of yourself. His notion of Deep Work involves being in the most productive state of mind and comes down to four basic rules of assuring that you do “Deep Work”. In the book he outlines possible rules individuals can implementen in their work to be more productive.

One of the rules involves “Plan every minute of your work day”, and is exactly what it sounds. He recommends by using the scientist and professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s theory on workflow, that by planning your workday down to the very minute of it, it is possible to obtain unseen levels of productivity. He also emphasizes that the planning itself should not influence the work negatively itself, but when done correctly individuals can seriously improve their productivity in the workplace.  All of this comes from a professor who writes four peer-reviewed scientific papers a year and at the same time wrote multiple best-selling books.

Eating healthy, sleeping well and doing exercises.

When it comes to productivity you should not underestimate the value of proper nutritions, correct sleep schedules and exercising of your body. We are constantly influenced by what we eat, how much we sleep and how much our bodies are being exercised. All of these factors all influence how much we can raise our productivity levels.