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What Every Co-Working Space Needs And Most Lack


Co-working spaces haven’t always been as popular as they are now. Until the early part of the previous decade, few might’ve given the concept the time of day. Today we happily pool a private cab ride and give up our precious garage space for others to rent.

With tens of thousands of shared offices worldwide, you have to sometimes wonder if there are any limitations to the ever-popular model. Some individuals, however, don’t have to wonder, they run into these drawbacks all too often – namely a quiet space.

This could refer to a nice relaxing environment to take a break, a breakout space to sit a client or even a space fit enough to call a client or prospect. Co-working members often find there is a trade-off between a site that ‘has it all’ and the more ‘cost-effective’ site you’ve chosen (who really needs all the bells and whistles at such a premium rate).

The lack of peace and quiet, especially at the lower end of the cost spectrum of co-working spaces, can pop up frequently, depending on the nature of your business and the provisions in your tenancy (some co-working spaces will charge you to book meeting rooms). Issues arise when you need to make an important call with crucial notes scattered about you. Doing so in a hallway or staircase isn’t ideal. Or you are booked onto a video call with someone who probably shouldn’t see a hoard of other tenants making coffee and playing ping-pong behind you.

In these times, office phone booths like MEAVO’s soundproof booth for open-plan offices can help. If you are going to check out a space to work in, make sure there are plenty of these when visiting a co-working space. It is something one doesn’t typically consider until you begin using the space, so you’ll end up doing yourself a favour by checking this first to avoid buyer’s remorse.