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10 Brilliant Online Business Ideas For 2020


Are you tired of your 9-to-5 job?

Does the thought of getting ready for office every day drive you nuts?

Well, then you have landed in the right place!

Nowadays, with everything undergoing digital transformation, online is the place to be – yes, even for work!! And starting up an online business can be a brilliant idea. The best thing about online business is that you can operate it from anywhere and anytime … yes, even wearing your pyjamas! They also offer high-income potential.

Now, if you have been wondering about how you can make money online, let us find out some solutions right away!

In this article, we have got some great online business ideas that could possibly work in today’s market.

Here are 10 of the most happening ideas for online businesses that you can consider:

1. Online Subject Matter Expert.

If you are an expert who is equipped with adequate skills and knowledge, then you can transform it into your online business. Choose a topic that you are an expert in and have the passion to work on. Using your area of knowledge, you can create a YouTube channel, write blogs or e-books.

2. Affiliate Marketing.

This is another great business idea wherein you can sell other people’s product by featuring them on your website. If you have some copywriting experience then it would be great for your business. Each time a visitor clicks on your link and purchase a product, you would receive a percentage of the sale.

3. Online Tutoring.

Putting up your skills in the form of coaching, consultation or courses can be a great way to earn sitting at your home. This can be something that you have skills in and you would not need much investment for this. You can work with your skill sets and learn as you work.

4. Membership Programs.

The business of membership programs is on a rise now. This business would allow you to do the same work each month and sell it to all the people under the membership program again and again. For example, you can start a membership program for paid online content wherein your audience would have access to multiple contents by paying a single membership fee that is valid for some time.

5. Digital Marketing Service.

This is one of the most abundant services available around. You can offer to boost the sales and business of locals by offering digital marketing services to them. Your services would give exposure to the business of your client and you can earn loads by marketing them. You can go for Graphic Design or content writing whichever suits your skills and interests the best.

6. Virtual Assistant.

Freelancing and virtual assistance work has become quite famous these days. From doing things like transcription, video editing, translating books, etc. you can do a lot of things being a virtual assistant. Starting as a freelancer can be a bit tricky as you would need some experience for it. However, once you are sure about your skills and have marketed yourself properly, nothing can really stop you.

7. Software As A Service.

SaaS can be the perfect home-based opportunity for you if you are into technology, software problem-solving or software development. If you are good at this, people would be willing to pay all the amount required for good relevant software.

8. Online Crafts.

If the idea of knitting, making jewelry or handicrafts excites you, then you can start your next online business with that. There is a huge market for handmade goods out there and you can totally get benefitted from it.

9. Become An Influencer.

Influencer marketing can be called as another name for podcasting. An increasing number of people have started listening to podcasts than before. And thus it has indeed become a profession that is demanded all around the world. Listening to podcasts would mean diving into the depths of information. You can be an influencer in different social platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

10. Dropshipping.

Dropshipping business is the new cool! Herein, the customers would place an order, you would sell that item, the supplier would ship the product and you would need to handle the customer servicing part. This process would spare you from searching for a warehouse for storing the items and also relieve you from worries of shipping.

Now that you have ideas, it is important to remember that starting any business and fetching expected revenues from it needs patience. You cannot expect to get huge profits right away; but if you can manage to stick to your business ideas to achieve your goals, then success will all be yours!