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5 Hot Tech Careers To Consider


With the rapid expansion of technology comes a high demand for people who are skilled in working with it. Every industry has job opportunities for tech enthusiasts because of the digital age we live in. Each one requires significant technical knowledge but also provides plenty of creative flexibility with numerous opportunities for problem solving.

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Here are five of the hottest tech careers that can help you land a job with the most innovative companies in the world:

Software Designer.

Nearly every business uses some type of software, so people who understand how to develop and write the necessary code are in high demand. While this field requires a certain amount of technical knowledge, it also provides plenty of creative opportunities. Creating apps, developing innovative software for small businesses or launching new social media platforms are all possibilities as a software designer.

Web Developer.

Every company needs a high-quality, well-designed website to reach its full potential. As a web developer, you will be responsible for everything that makes a website successful, from graphics and content placement to search functionality and navigation. You will be required to write the code needed to make the site flow correctly, but the opportunity for web design adds a creative element to this career.

Database Administrator.

A database administrator is responsible for coordinating and protecting all of a company’s data. From private documents to personal information from customers, every company is responsible for compiling and protecting certain amounts of data. A database administrator builds and maintains the database used to store all of the information, so the ability to develop and write code is essential for identifying and fixing issues as they occur.

Information Security Analyst.

While many people use technology in positive ways, others take advantage of new ways to steal company information. Because of this, cybersecurity is a necessary field for businesses in any industry. If information is not secure, businesses lose customers and valuable documents, so people who are trained in monitoring company information and fixing any security breaches are vital for the success of any business.

IT Manager.

Any company with multiple computer systems or technology departments needs a highly-skilled IT manager to coordinate the systems. These employees are responsible for analyzing the efficiency of current systems and recommending the implementation of new programs or software as needed. IT managers also work to install and maintain hardware to keep it running at peak performance and are trained to identify and solve glitch problems as quickly as possible to keep the company running smoothly.

The rapid expansion of the technology industry has opened the doors for many hot careers. Within the tech industry, there are many job options to fit every preference, and choosing a tech career opens the door for a job within any industry. If you are a tech enthusiast looking for the hottest jobs of 2019 that can help you pursue your passion, consider following one of these five career paths.