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Waiakea Water Joins List Of Sustainable Companies


Life in the office can be pretty frustrating if you’re a person that cares about sustainability and the environment. There are energy-inefficient overhead lights that are left on around the clock. Break rooms have plastic utensils and entirely too much paper is used.

Increasingly, though, more and more companies are getting rid of these office norms and becoming environmentally friendly. They want to hire employees who care about the environment and are committed to sustainability.

Here are some organizations committed to being green:

World Wildlife Fund.

This organization is based in Washington, DC. It was established in 1961 by biologists concerned with the survival of wildlife species and their habitats. Their office space is green. Its headquarters are in a LEED Platinum-certified building. The World Wildlife Fund has the latest energy-efficient technology throughout its office space. They hire people passionate about helping animals and habitats around the world.

Harmless Harvest.

This San Francisco-based company operates sustainably. It is a food and beverage firm that has proven that sustainable practices can out-compete the conventional model of growing and distributing food. Everything it sources is 100 percent raw and organic. They have turned agroforestry into a social business in which both people and plants benefit.

Harmless Harvest is a startup with plans to grow much bigger. They hire people who are passionate about helping the planet and being a part of a progressive company. It values employees who are willing to learn as they go and want to make a positive difference in both the office and the world.

Waiakea Water.

This company operates on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is a company that has been dedicated to being environmentally and socially responsible since it was established. Waiakea Water was founded in 2012 by Ryan Emmons. He partners with Pump Aid to donate clean, fresh water to people in Malawi.

Waiakea Water produced the first fully degradable and recyclable plastic bottle. The bottles break down 97% faster than conventional plastic bottles thanks to nano-degradation. They are also completely made out of post-recycled bottles. In quality and function, these bottles operate the same as conventional plastic bottles.


This is a crowdsourcing company based in San Francisco. Customers give it large data projects that Crowdflower break into small tasks. People from around the world contribute to completing these tasks. What would take one of their customers weeks to complete, can instead be done in just hours.

Its workplace is green. They have hundreds of plants in their office that help clean the air and make it oxygen-neutral. This means that all of the carbon dioxide exhaled by employees is converted back into oxygen by the plants.


This is another company based in San Francisco. It makes household laundry, personal care, and cleaners that are derived from natural sources and are biodegradable. Everything at this company is done with an eye to sustainability. Its product’s packaging is as green as possible. Its building is LEED-certified. They create sustainable products that people love because they work.