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How A CMMS Software Helps Your Startup Business


If you are just starting out with your business, you are going to need all the help you can get. This can mean expert assistance, professional advice, or premium tools that will make your life as a new business owner easier. A computerized maintenance management system or CMMS software allows you to monitor work orders, inventory, and assets, as well as schedule preventive maintenance for the equipment in your facility.

If you are wondering whether a CMMS software is worth investing in, here are some of the ways that it can help your startup business:

Efficient Workflow Management.

One of the biggest challenges for startup owners is creating an efficient system for dealing with work orders. In a lot of cases, you’ll get work orders in a variety of methods — from emails, phone requests, in-person communication, or even through sticky notes. It can be tough to keep up with all of these orders, much less monitor their progress. That is where work order management software can also come in to help.

A CMMS software can automate work requests for your organization. It can help you improve the workflow in your facility and promote efficiency. The software contains tools that allow you to easily schedule, assign, and complete any pending work orders. For example, your employees can input work requests directly into the CMMS portal so that all relevant personnel can check their progress.

The software also lets you automatically monitor all work orders and view the history of any piece of equipment or work order you have. You don’t need to waste your time tracking down maintenance personnel to ask for an update, and your team can focus on their tasks without frequent interruptions on your part.

Improve Safety.

You can use your CMMS software to monitor the health and safety information of your key personnel. Here are some of the key capabilities of a CMMS software that help ensure that your startup is compliant with safety and labor regulations and standards:

  • Serve as the central repository for safety checklists
  • Include safety procedures on all job orders to ensure an understanding of the risks
  • Keep track of personnel certifications
  • Facilitate inspection rounds and safety checks for equipment

Enhance Productivity.

CMMS software offer mobile data capability and connection to the cloud so they can be used on smartphones or tablets. This means that your maintenance personnel will have real-time access to information. They’ll be able to check on the inventory status or create and update work orders without having to return to the office.

You can also upload files such as detailed guides to help your personnel understand the procedures, tools, or parts necessary to complete a job that is assigned to them. The software can also show other relevant information such as warranties, service histories, and the like. Having this information immediately on hand will allow them to work uninterrupted and prevent delays from occurring.

Monitor Costs.

A CMMS software makes it easier for a startup business to also figure out where the budget was spent, which areas are running over budget, and make more informed decisions about asset and personnel management. Here are some of the things that you can do with your CMMS software:

  • It can help you decide whether or not a piece of equipment needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • You can compare the costs of reactive maintenance and planned maintenance.
  • It will create costing reports with just one click so that you don’t have to tabulate receipts and dockets at the end of the year.

Preventive Maintenance.

Unanticipated breakdowns can cripple your operations. You’ll probably have some downtime while you are waiting for a piece of equipment to get fixed. If the parts required to fix the machine are not immediately available, you’ll probably have to wait even longer. This downtime affects not just the productivity of your personnel, but your bottom line as well.

To ensure continued efficiency at your facility, a well-designed maintenance action plan that also includes preventive strategies is your best bet. Preventive maintenance extends the lifespan of your assets and reduces your overall maintenance expenses since you can spot issues and defects before they turn into major problems.

A CMMS software allows you to set a preventive maintenance schedule and use predictive analytics to figure out where and when it is reasonable to go for reactive maintenance. The software automates the scheduling process, so you don’t have don’t have to worry about delays that can lead to a host of problems and costly repairs.


A CMMS software can help you track the activities and performance of your personnel, monitor costs, and ensure the proper allocation of resources. To select the right software for your organization, make sure that you do your research and compare your requirements with the available features.