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5 Business Ideas for Pet Lovers


In this entrepreneur-minded society where people are turning their passion into a profession, there are rare instances where one can get the chance to convert their love into a profession.

One such field is building a business around pets, if you love animals. In the US alone, 68% of families own pets. And ideally, each of them loves their pets. So, the market is real. 

People will pay for better health of their dogs, pretty pictures of their cats, or merely taking care of their pets when they are off to work. In short, there are business opportunities one can leverage to convert their love for pets into a profession.

Here are five ideas to start with:

1. Pet Training.

Training pets, especially dogs, is a big industry. Millions of people buy pets, and they don’t want them to behave like stray dogs⁠ — barking at everyone, biting some, or excreting anywhere. If you don’t want your dog to be aggressive, you can always go together to social pet activities which will help him calm down, be less aggressive and more friendly to others.

One can easily start a pet training business with limited knowledge. However, getting a professional service is highly recommended. A certification is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to charge a premium for your services. People pay more than $30 per hour for in-house pet training. That’s some business, isn’t it?

2. Pet Sitting.

Owners can’t take care of their pets 24/7. They have to go to work, vacation, business meetings, and whatnot. In such a case, when the pet needs some extra care, and no one from friends or family have time, they hire pet sitting services.

If you love pets and want to take care of them as a side business, pet sitting is an excellent business idea. Just play with them, feed them, or perhaps invest in the best pet stroller you can buy & charge for taking on a stroll. In the end, hand them over to the owner and enjoy sweet cash. 

3. Pet Exercise.

If a pet just lays around and gets adored for doing nothing, there can be severe health problems. Like humans, pets also need regular exercise for being healthy and living longer. And that need can easily be turned into a business.

You can start a gym/exercise center for pets. Walk, Jog, Stretch, or merely play fetch with the pets⁠ — keep them fit⁠ — and get paid for that service.  

4. Pet Photography.

In a world where a pocketable device comes with four cameras, doubting starting a photography business(that too for pets) is natural. But the fact is this: What a professional photographer can capture with their comparatively expensive camera and setup is far better than what an individual can.

People barely frame the photos clicked on a smartphone. Thus, there is a need for sure. If you love animals, have a budget to buy equipments, and see a market, starting a pet photography business(at least part-time) is a lucrative opportunity. Professionals charge $250-$500 per session, and you can too.   

5. Product selling.

If you find the pet business market profitable but don’t love pets as much, starting an e-store or a brick & mortar store to sell pet products might be for you. People buy food, crates, chains, toys, clothes, and many other things for their pets. Just fill the inventory, market your business, and earn.

Final Words.

Your love for animals can become your profession(at least a side-hustle). People pay for pets and their needs, and there are numerous business ideas to fulfill those requirements. We discussed five of those. If you were to start a pet business tomorrow, which one would you pick?