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4 Ways Influencers Can Promote Their Platforms


If you’re an up-and-coming influencer, you know and have read about how important diversification is. You have to have income streams from different sources and platforms – this is the best way to increase your income and ensure your long-term survival as an influencer.

There’s a major hurdle in front of most influencers, however – they are doing extremely well on one platform, but their performance on every other platform sucks. Expanding to other platforms isn’t just mentioning your twitter account at the end of each video, you have to have a more comprehensive strategy.

This article will guide you through a couple of ways you can effectively promote your platforms and get the most out of diversification.

#1. Use Platform-Specific Strategies.

Unless you’re trying to expand to extremely similar platforms, you’ll need to adapt your strategies a lot for each new platform you are trying to expand to. Each platform has a different userbase, a different mechanism for finding content, and its own mannerisms and culture. If you want to gain a lot of followers on Twitter, you need to know how to tweet. If you want to expand to Youtube, you should invest in a video production course.

Taking simple steps to ensure you’re informed about the platform, the people who use it, and the inner workings of its core mechanics will go a long way to help you distinguish you from the competitors and will give you an edge in your battle for relevancy.

#2. Provide Something in Return.

Humans are simple creatures – however, we mask things, at our core, we respond to incentives. The whole field of economics is evidence of this. That’s why if you want to successfully convert your fans to your followers on other platforms, you need to provide them with some incentives. What will be the incentives, how much they’d cost you both monetarily and temporally, and how you’ll decide to present them largely depends on your brand and style, so it is hard to expound on it more here. You have to keep one point in mind, however, regardless of your brand:

You have to offer something in return that’s worthwhile. Sometimes, offering too little might be taken as insulting. You should either provide enough that people will be genuinely interested or just rely on their altruistic nature and tell them it’ll help you.

#3. Make Use of a Marketing Agency.

If you’re not great at expanding to other markets and advertising successfully for your platform, maybe you should hire professionals to help you Most digital marketing agencies like Clickmatix.com.au offer very affordable prices, and they’ll be able to help you with a variety of things: Most digital marketing agencies offer very affordable prices, and they’ll be able to help you with a variety of things:

  • They can aid you with market research – you’ll learn more about your viewers, their tastes, and what you can do to attract more of them. An influencer should have intimate knowledge of their audience, as they are your primary source of income.
  • If you’re not particularly tech-savvy, a digital marketing agency can help you kick start the whole process. Whether you want to sell merch or just create an Instagram account, they’ll be able to tell you the things you need to do to be successful. They’ll also optimize your page to be more friendly to both humans and search engines. You’ll rank higher in searches and get more traffic.

#4. Maybe You Need Better Tools.

Keeping up with all the platforms can be an extremely exhausting job, and unless you spend a considerable amount of time researching, planning, and trying out different strategies to be successful. While it is absolutely worth it in the long term, in the short term, you’ll have a very hard time keeping up with all the commitments diversifying entails.

That’s why it is an excellent strategy to use tools that will help you manage all your platforms in one place. Although they are quite rare now, new startups like fourthwall.com are already making leaps in this area. You should definitely check them out and see if it can improve your workflow.

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