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The Killer Strategies That Will Make You Profits On Stock Trading


You know how it feels to nail huge profits when stock trading, Right? Well, it can be exciting and inspiring. The money in the bank is all people are looking for. Nobody wants losses. With this lucrative investment opportunity, traders can take advantage of different strategies to make huge profits. When implemented properly, stock trading can become a lifetime investment.

So if you are looking to become a better stock trader, learn How to Make Money Trading Stocks. This article has the killer strategies that can help you make huge profits. Keep reading!

Boost Your Knowledge.

Knowledge can take you places. With knowledge, you have a tool that will help you master the stock trading dynamics. For instance, you need to keep yourself updated when it comes to current stock news as well as events affecting stocks. So, don’t underestimate the power of doing your homework. Create a wishlist of traders you’d wish to do business with. Know the stocks that you want to trade on. Know the profitable companies that can guarantee you huge fortunes. With research, you are sure of getting all the information you need to execute your stock trading strategy and make handsome returns.

Reserve Funds.

How much can you risk to trade? Remember, trading itself is a risk. So, you must determine the amount you are willing to risk. Usually, a good trader should set aside about 1 to 2 percent of his/her account per trade. With this strategy, you can easily mitigate risks and avoid surprises. So, be sure to trade with the amount you are willing to lose. It’s like gambling with your money.

Time is Money.

Trading is a game of numbers. Thus, it requires a substantial amount of time. So, be sure to set aside enough time for trading. Invest your time in trading and you will reap handsomely. It will improve your chances of making even more profits. Don’t make it a side-hassle. Set aside sufficient time for research, analyzing news, and implementing your strategies. Also, you need to move quickly. Plus, you need time to track markets in addition to spotting opportunities.

Start Small.

Start small. Grow consistently. Exude confidence. These are the rules that will help you become a better trader. So, focus on one or two trading stocks. The start from there. With few stocks, you can track and find the information you need to trade in style. Take advantage of fractional shares.

Stay Away From Penny Stocks.

Of course, you will want to look at deals featuring low prices. However, you should avoid penny stocks. It’s important to note that penny stocks are liquid and it’s hard to hit the jackpot with them. So, avoid them at all costs. Unless you spot a real opportunity in penny stocks, stay away from them.

Time the Trades.

It’s important to note that in the mornings, prices are volatile. This is because most trades are placed and executed during these times. So, you should observe keenly to recognize the patterns and choose the appropriate time for making profits. However, a beginner should observe the market first before making any move. The first 15-20 minutes should be observation time. Remember, the middle hours tend to be more volatile. Even though you might be tempted to go for rush hours (they tend to offer more opportunities), beginners are advised to stay away from them.

Cut Losses: Leverage Limit Orders.

The orders you use are important. So, if you are looking to minimize loses, consider using limit orders. With limit orders, you are guaranteed of the price (and not the execution). Are you going to use market orders? Or, are you after using limit orders? These are some of the important questions you should ask yourself — especially if you are looking to cut loses.

Stay Practical.

Don’t over expect. Have realistic expectations — especially when it comes to making profits. You don’t have to win every trade. Most traders have a 50-60 percent chance of winning. The best thing to do is to limit the risk percentage. Ensure that it oscillates around a certain figure. Also, have an entry and exit strategy.

Stay Calm.

Stock can be nerve-wracking. This is the time your nerves are put to test. So, it’s better to keep greed at bay. Control your hopes and fears. Don’t let emotions take control of you. Make your decisions based on logic — not emotions.

Be Faithful With Your Plan.

Any successful trader knows the importance of sticking to his/her initial plan. Of course, you are needed to move fast. However, that doesn’t mean that you think fast. The only way to stick to your plan is by developing an elaborate trading strategy. Follow your plan to the letter. Don’t be obsessed with chasing those profits. Don’t let emotions ruin your trading strategy.

Common Stock Trading Strategies.

The following are some common stock trading strategies.

Scalping: Scalping — a popular strategy — involves the selling of trades in the shortest time possible to make a profit. This strategy appeals to those traders who are looking to make money within the shortest time possible.

Fading: With fading, you have a strategy that will help you short the stocks after a quick move up. The strategy is based on overbought factors, early buyers trying to make profits, and scared existing buyers.

Momentum: The momentum trading strategy banks on new releases to find trending moves. 

Daily Pivots: With daily pivots stock trading, you have a strategy that will help you profit from the volatility of the daily stock.

The Bottom-Line.

Want to trade stock like a pro? Well, that’s a great ambition. At least, you have seen the profits ahead. Stock trading can be exciting and extremely rewarding. However, it all depends on the strategy you implement. Mess with the strategy and say goodbye top profits. So, don’t depend on luck when stock trading. Employ the right strategies and trade with confidence. The above are top strategies that will propel your stock trading game to another level. Use them and make stoke trading your hobby.