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Take it Offline! 5 Local Marketing Ideas For Startups


So, you’ve got a new startup and getting it promoted is priority #1.

First of all, congrats on the launch. Second, you’re in for a rough time if you expect the Internet to carry its success. Why? Because you and everyone else has a startup. And they’re all going online to do its advertising and marketing.

What if you tried local marketing ideas to change it up? You know, took it offline where you aren’t bumping into lots of competitors.

Got your attention? Check this out.

1. Local Meetups and Events.

Face-to-face interactions are a powerful jolt to memories. You’ll have prospects remembering your brand, pitch, and product. They’ll associate the interaction with a positive experience. The experience carries over to the brand’s image.

What and where can you do something local? Try:

  • Business meetups
  • Sporting events
  • Charity activities

Try sponsoring a local group or league. Or, get out there and mingle with your local chamber of commerce. Network like the olden days.

2. Do a Direct Mail Campaign.

Postcards, letters, brochures, and more. These are the first items that come to mind when you think, “what is direct mail“. But, it’s so much more than that!

Mailings involve:

  • Researching the audience
  • Mailer design and testing
  • Funneling recipients

Let locals know you’re in their area with a postcard campaign. Include coupons to spur a sale. Or, complimentary sessions where you’ll pitch products. Direct mail is old school but it remains quite an effective vehicle for your promos!

3. Canvas All Over.

No, don’t go throwing your branded materials around, littering. Place branded items like business cards or fliers in strategic locations. Aim for hot spots and where your customers like to hang out.

You could partner with local businesses, too:

  • Leave a stack of business cards at a related business
  • Exchange fliers/posters with other physical venues

Give people enough information so they’ll call, click, or drop-in. You’ll attract more by leaving behind an incentive like a coupon.

4. Get Local Ad Space.

Your town/city has several local ad spaces worth exploring:

  • Newspapers
  • Billboards
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Sign twirlers
  • Yard signs

Look at where competitors have their ads. It’s likely they’re finding them effective else they wouldn’t advertise in that space. Use their efforts as a starting point and find ways to go above and beyond.

5. Do Some Fancy Footwork.

Footwork as in hitting the ground and going door-to-door. Or, using any interaction an opportunity to talk about the business.

Turn employees and your biggest fans into salespeople.

Encourage workers and fans sharing your brand and its products. You could offer kickbacks for referrals given you provide a way to track activities. This could lead to an incredible influx of new customers or at least brand exposure.

Don’t Dismiss Local Marketing Ideas.

Dismissing local marketing ideas may come as a natural reaction. You’re so used to being online, after all.

You forget businesses can be successful through small, local communities. Look around and you’ll find enough prospects to see your startup to success. Put those local ad and marketing strategies to work!

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