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Learn Corporate Communication Tricks In Slack


The world of corporate communication is increasingly moving online. People communicate in social networks, write each other emails or connect via video-calls. When it comes to everyday communication in large or small companies, it is necessary to wisely organize it using all sorts of chat rooms for team communication. Slack holds a remarkable place among them.

At first glance, everything is quite simple: you received an invitation and joined the group of your colleagues. Everything is working. When you start customizing the app for yourself, you find out plenty of features able to make your communication in Slack more pleasant.

In this article, we will tell you about some of the “tricks” that we use and recommend.

1. Make a Slack poll.

If you want to make a survey among your colleagues in Slack, so you are able to do it. Insert a question on any topic and pin it in the chat. You can also use Standuply bot to run Slack poll for you. It is also convenient if you wish to manage remote team meetings or improve your Scrum productivity at any stage.

2. Configure Notifications.

As with any messenger, there are also notifications in Slack. They work both in the mobile app and on your computer. The program provides an unlimited number of combinations of settings related to notifications. After all, the speed of response to a particular message is the key to the success of any company.

4. Hotkeys and chat commands.

This will truly increase your speed in the chat. Here are some chat commands to remember:

  • / Remind [me in XXX minutes to MESSAGE] – a very convenient built-in task manager. Engage your personal Slackbot for reminders. More information about the syntax can be found by typing “/ remind help”
  • / Collapse or / Expand – collapses or expands all previews of pictures, attached files, and links that are open in the chat, respectively. Excellent screen saver and Internet traffic.
  • / Shortcuts – causes a list of hotkeys.

5. Security.

If important data, passwords, compromising info on competitors are stored in the Slack chats, you should definitely think about the security of your account. You can protect yourself from hacking by enabling two-factor authentication.

6. Mobile app gestures.

Everything described above related mainly to the Slack app on your PC. Since we were going to use Slack for instant information sharing, sometimes you will still open chat on your smartphone. For fast navigation, through numerous channels and groups, there are gestures that are very convenient to use.

So, one left swipe will open the search, and by moving to the right you will get access to the mobile analog of the right sidebar. Double swipe flipped through open channels, and triple – your team entirely. A long tap on the message will open a context menu with many useful items.

We hope this article brought some useful tips for developing your Slack skills. Share your experience with us.