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Brochure Design 101: 5 Tips For Creating Eye-Catching Brochures


Brochures are quite an inexpensive and effective way of advertising. Statistics show that 48% of consumers respond positively to leaflet advertising. If you intend to improve your business through brochure advertisements, they must be appealing.

Everything, from the brochure design to the wording must be extremely catchy. Good brochure design can go a long way in promoting your business. One should thus be conversant with how to make eye-catching brochures.

Besides using brochure templates from Adobe Spark, there are lots of other ways of making unique eye-catching brochures. To enable you to come up with something appealing for your advertising here’s a few design tips on how to make a brochure.

1. Using an Adobe Spark Brochure Template.

Graphic design doesn’t require you to have any special programming skills. Using brochure templates from Adobe Spark is pretty easy, simple, fast and fun. You only need to sit behind your computer and have a great imagination.

To make materials that stand out, select a brochure layout that best suits your needs. The templates can be edited; one can remove any materials they want, add more or include images.

There is an array of templates from which one can choose the most preferred brochure layout. All this color should make your designing experience total fun.

2. Know Your Purpose Before you Start.

If you are creating a new creative brochure, start by asking your clients what they expect. This will give you a good view of their expectations which you can work with.

You could realize that your subsequent brochure is better than the previous and that it meets customer expectations after sampling their views concerning the next brochure.

3. Limit Your Fonts.

Focus on using as fewer fonts as possible. Viewers may lack interest when too many fonts are used. The brochure tends to look congested and does not invite one to read.

If you are having challenges in deciding on fonts, or how to design a brochure, you can use different fonts for your headings, subheadings and the body. Having a headline in an unknown font is a totally bad idea. Clients will take time to read something that they can relate with.

4. Get Your Copy Right.

Great copy could be the most undervalued aspect of brochure design but trust me headlines shouldn’t be something to drop in later. Consider your copy as a part of the entire design concept. If you come up with something exciting, chances are that your final item is going to be equally good.

5. Put Your Readers First.

Bear in mind whom the target audience for your brochure is. This knowledge trickles down to your use of language-it should be something comprehensible by your target audience.

Brochure Design.

Appearance is everything. Do not forget to impress the reader. This is what attracts them to read and remember the contents of your brochure.

Why start making your brochure design afresh when you can always utilize the brochure layout in the Adobe spark brochure template? Avoid the hustle and edit these templates to come up with something impressive for your audience.

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