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Top 5 World Known Companies That Accept Bitcoin


This is it, all those hard earned mining dollars, all that coding you’ve angst your way through, that mythical square eye syndrome, that you freely admit now, mother was right! Finally pays off as you get a chance to reap those rewards, you made the coin now where to splash it?

Although coinmap.org (not the most comprehensive or interactive site, can’t even click a hyperlink, can’t even copy paste one, what is this the fax machine of the internet?) apparently gives over 15,000 sites to use it below are just five that might appeal to a tech-savvy life hacker like yourself.


Microsoft, this is obvious, why wouldn’t they, tech behemoth that they are. As forward thinking and innovative as they want to be you can only add money to your Microsoft account from your coin wallet, then you can purchase everything but still in regular ‘online cash’ a great bunch of numbers that aren’t in anyway physical anyway. Good choices but a dead end for the direct connection to coin users.

Virgin Galactic.

Virgin Galactic, Branson or Brandy as he is known to his chums, has decided that he would like you to use your theoretical space coin to buy a seat on his space bus. This would be a great way to use your coin if this was anywhere near ready but recent insight would tell that it appears to be dangerous….what? How could flying near the edge of the atmosphere on a rocket made from the mind of a record producer be…..oh no wait, buy a seat if you want, $250,000.


Gyft, this one is good, you can purchase gift cards for retailers like Amazon, Starbucks and Itunes then give them to friends and family as celebratory gifts and say ‘Look what Bitcoin got you now, fools!’ of course the subsequent ‘this is just normal money in a card form’ will be a hard nut to crack but eventually they will come round and see that you are ahead of the game and ahead of their stinky cash that is controlled by a bank and is purely a set of round numbers so they can ”understand money better”.

KFC Canada.

KFC Canada, was accepting bitcoin as payment but it was for a limited time only for a particular type of bucket as well, it got delivered but then they know where you live….however Burger Bear in London make infinitely better food and they accept it in their store, then they never know where you live.


Novaexchange, as it says on the packet, is an exchange platform that accepts coins for trades. They trade in the big boys and in the little peoples, just do your research when going into any of this as their information will help you make great purchases but the complications although they will assist you with them, the coins are always a risk but then again so is crossing a street in the rain, think of Novaexchange as holding an umbrella for you so you can see the oncoming buses.

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