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5 Ways To Increase Your Online Reviews From Customers


Your digital reputation is more important now than ever before. Potential customers use local reviews to screen the businesses they are considering working with or buying from. In some cases, a lack of reviews can be just as harmful as negative ones.

Consider the following ways you can increase your online reviews.

1. Automated Emails.

Many customers will opt in to accepting communication from a business when they make a purchase. The first few emails will likely include information about shipping and delivery. Setting up an automated email that will arrive a few days after the product has been delivered is a great way to ask for reviews. At this point, the customer has had the chance to try out the product. It offers them a gentle reminder that reviews are helpful to your business.

2. Get Personal.

Virtual communications and automated shopping processes can depersonalize the customer experience. Adding a level of personal support to your business will set you apart from your competitors by making your customers feel valued. Make it a point to personally reach out to customers if they have an issue. Thank repeat customers for being loyal to your business. Instead of sending an automated thank you email, consider business thank you cards. Customers will notice and remember the exceptional customer service and are more likely to not only return, but also to recommend your business to their family and friends.

3. Reach Out to Negative Reviewers.

Negative reviews can significantly bring down your rating. Additionally, it means that there is room for improvement. Reach out to customers who have left a negative review, not with the intention of having them remove it, but of learning from the review. By better understanding what went wrong with their experience, you and your team can make the necessary improvements to prevent it from happening again.

4. Just Ask.

It is unlikely that your customers are purposely not leaving you a review. It is possible that they forgot, that they don’t know where to leave the review, or that they are not even aware of how important reviews are to your business. Sometimes, the best approach is to just ask. Whether this means sending a personal email, a hand-signed letter, or asking your social media followers to leave reviews, you might be surprised at how well this works. If the review system you use is somewhat complicated, offer specific instructions on how customers can leave a review.

5. Include Directions with the Product.

Ask customers to leave a review when your product or service is front and center. Include a flyer with review directions with the package. If you offer a service, include information with the invoice. If you wait too long, then the customer will forget about the product and they may never return to it long enough to leave a review. Additionally, they may forget important details that could entice a reader to buy from you.

Reviews are crucial in today’s digital world. Including directions and sending hand-written notes can increase the number of reviews you receive. Use these reviews to learn from your business and to manage your overall reputation.