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Project Management Professional Educational Training: What Is It And Why You Should Do It


Project management is now given better attention compared to a few years back. With project management being a necessity especially in high-performing companies, there is a higher demand for project managers, which could even grow to be higher than other occupations. According to Glassdoor as of March 2018, the average project manager salary is $80,854. With a certification, this can increase for more than 20%, and lucrative industries would even be willing to pay more.

If you’re currently looking to build a career as a project manager or if you now have the role but are looking for higher pay opportunities, then having a professional educational training would be your best starting point.

This article will discuss what it is and the various reasons that you should take it.


To be a project manager, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in business management or other specific areas like engineering, computer science, advertising, marketing, and so on. Like any other profession, there are certifications that you can take to increase your qualification and credibility. In this field, a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is internationally recognized to determine that you’ve had specific educational training. Various PMP providers like Edwel Programs help those who’d like to take this course and be an excellent project manager.

The advantages?

1. Improves your skills.

The PMP certification is not all theory. It also involves practicing and applying project management skills that will increase your knowledge and make a difference in how you handle projects before you had the educational background. In addition, you will be handling different team members as a manager and will work with various clients and vendors, too. The training will allow you to speak common business language and communicate more effectively regardless of who you’re dealing with in order to meet the goal of your projects.

2. Leads to a higher income.

As previously mentioned, a PMP certification can make you reach up to more than 20% of the average project manager salary. Regardless of the industry, it has been seen that those with educational training have a considerably higher wage compared to those who don’t. This trend is observed globally, too. It’s essential that you take this course if you desire higher compensation, and almost everybody always wants that.

3. Offers better job opportunities.

Having a certification will give more weight to your resume, thus giving you better job opportunities. Some customers now prefer vendors with certifications, so companies, in turn, hire those who can fill this need. Generally speaking, those with the educational training show better skills and are more effective project managers compared to those without, giving them better opportunities to grow in the company or others, should they choose to switch.

4. Shows your motivation.

Anyone can be a project manager with a bachelor’s degree, but not anyone can be a great project manager. By taking the PMP certification, it shows your willingness to take the expense as an investment, which says a lot about how you’re motivated to be the best manager that you can be. It gives the impression that you have a goal and are willing to go beyond what is asked. Taking this course exhibits that you are looking for professional growth and are not afraid to spend your energy, time, and focus on it on top of your usual responsibilities with work and family.

5. Broadens your network.

As a globally-recognized certification, PMP will expand your network in a way that you may not be able to reach without the educational training. There are more than 750,000 certified project managers in the world, and being one of them will give you access to several forums, groups, and online communities. You can gain industry and profession insights, and seek advice from people who have years of experience. You will also be up-to-date with the trends, developments, and standards in project management. This is crucial if you see yourself thriving in this career path.

6. Displays your ability to manage projects skillfully.

Project management entails that you handle various changes and challenges, or even the unknown, in your endeavors. With the help of professional education, you will be able to use the standardized structure being taught, which you can repeatedly apply in your projects. The theories in the course are curated and tested by industry experts, which allows you to skillfully handle your projects in ways that a non-certified manager may not be able to do. This is vital because the standards equip you to be competent in any industry anywhere in the world.

Final thoughts.

Project management can make or break a business, and you certainly don’t want to contribute to the latter. By getting a professional certification, there are higher possibilities of your success as a manager compared to when you don’t. With the advantages provided above, hopefully, you’ll see that getting educational training is the best way to go in this growing career path.