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7 Accessories Every Professional Needs To Carry Around


When it comes to maintaining a professional image and staying productive on the go, a few handy accessories can be worth taking with you.

Here are just 7 accessories that every professional needs to carry around with them.

An umbrella.

There’s nothing worse than getting caught in the rain without an umbrella and turning up to a professional meeting looking like a drowned rat. Having an umbrella on you at all times will tell people that you’re organised and ready for life’s emergencies.

A watch.

Whilst you can always read the time on your smartphone, a watch helps you to be more time-conscious because the time is always there in view. A watch is also a symbol of organisation – the people around you will think that you’re more time-conscious by wearing a watch and they will trust you to carry out tasks on schedule. Find the watch that suits your needs and matches your look on The Watch Co, for example.

A pen.

Having a pen handy is always useful if you need to sign a document or take notes. If a client hasn’t got a pen, you can also hand it to them to gain their trust. You could even invest in a branded pen and use it as a chance for marketing your business.

A tablet.

Tablets are ideal for doing digital work on the go. Whilst you could argue laptops also offer portability, tablets can be used standing up. These gadgets also tell people that you’re tech-savvy, which can reflect well on your company’s reputation.

A notebook.

For when you need to scribble down notes in a hurry, a notebook is always convenient. Many people find it still easier to take down notes in this form than on a laptop or a phone. You can even look into custom notebooks and use it as another opportunity for visual branding. As with other tools on this list, they also help you to look organised.

A pack of business cards.

Business cards are still the fastest way to exchange contact details. They can also be strategically left in places as a form of guerrilla marketing, potentially helping to attract more customers. They’re a simple and cheap way to promote your business and are worth having on you at all times – you never know when you may meet someone who could be a potential client or a useful networking contact.

A portable card reader.

When it comes to accepting payments on the go, having a portable card reader on you can make things much more convenient for your customers. If you usually accept payments by cash and someone is short of change, you’ll be able to accept card as a backup option. It’s also a lot faster than having to do a bank transfer. There are now card readers that can attach to your smartphone – such gadgets aren’t even that expensive.


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