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Money-Minds: 6 FinTech Startups To Watch In 2019


Fintech (financial technology) ruled the roost when it came to industries on the up-swing up until a few years back, when blockchain technology and all the possibilities it offered stormed the scene. Even so, there are still plenty of lively startups in the fintech sector that have shined through the crowd to make us sit up and notice them. They cover a wide scope of industries, and are keeping the buzz in the financial technology sector alive.

Here’s a bit of a look at what they’re doing and why you should know about them.

1. Scholar Raise.

Saving up for the college education of your children can be one of the most costly undertakings of a parent’s life. In these current economic times, filled with uncertainty and rapidly shrinking possibilities in various economic sectors, any help in this area is highly appreciated. What Scholar Raise does is provide a crowdfunding platform to help parents hit their stated funding objectives.

The government backs the 529 college saving programs listed on the app, allowing friends, family and well wishers, from wherever in the world they may be, to help out by contributing to your child’s college fund. The fund grows as your child grows, making it that much easier to reach the goal figure by the time they are ready to enter college.

2. CreditSnap.

Most of us know how frustrating and complicated the search for suitable credit facilities can be. There are countless loan and financing providers out there, but not all of them are as efficient as we would like, with a dangerous number of them being potentially risky propositions in themselves. What CreditSnap does for us is provide Intelligent Cross Sell and Pre-Qualification engines that take the stress out of determining the safest, most cost-effective credit facilities available to us. The financial decision-making process is rendered a whole lot easier.

3. Fundamental Interactions.

For all the traders who like to try their luck, or skills, on the international forex and stock markets, Fundamental Interactions has come along to help make their work easier. What the technology firm does formulate multi-asset trading products for high-energy trading purposes. You will also have access to all of the well-established trading tools and strategic implements that make a part of every trader’s toolbox.

The goal is to optimize the inter-operability, efficiency, and overall regulatory compliance required for effective and successful trading. Algorithmic routing, order crossing, pre-trade risk analysis, market data compilation, and derivative trading types such as cfd trading (contract for difference) are all supported.

4. BetterTradeOff (BTO).

The stated mission of the BTO team is to provide a way to personalize life-planning for the masses in a way that’s accessible, user-friendly, and effective. Everyone hopes to achieve financial security for themselves and their loved ones, and the goal is to make this a reality for as many as possible with their innovative Aardviser’, which is basically a financial life coach. It guides the technology’s users through the steps and paths they should take in order to achieve the financial position they hope to attain. Functionality and simplicity are the watchwords for BTO, and they look set to make a success of their undertaking.

5. NoPassword.

Every one of us lives in a virtual world filled with dozens of passwords, many of which we hardly ever use and barely remember. It doesn’t matter most of the time, except that it always seems that we forget a password just when we need it the most. Well, the team over at NoPassword has stepped up to the plate, offering a solution to those of us who wish to eliminate the inconvenience of multiple passwords from our lives.

They have chosen to do this by going high-tech. They offer a net-generation level of single sign-in solutions and identity management functions that are based on bio-metrics and multi-factor identification protocols.

6. PayActiv.

Both employees and the employers they work for experience a crunch and heightened stress levels whenever payday comes around. Payroll solutions have always been prone to inefficiencies and occasional malfunctions that resulted in highly disruptive and friction-inducing delays and irregularities in payment. PayActiv seeks to make this a thing of the past by formulating payment schedules that are optimized to suit the financial positions and considerations of everyone involved.