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4 Tips To Get Biggest Bang For The Buck With Custom Conference Bags


Do you intend to sponsor a business conference? Why not use this opportunity to impress the conference attendees and gift them conference bags that will help them remember your brand?

It’s a common practice for conference sponsors to distribute freebies. It makes the attendees feel appreciated. However, if you put your entire focus on what’s inside the bag and not the goodie bag itself, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to promote your brand.

High-quality conference bags stay with the delegates for longer. Whenever they use the bag, they will be reminded of your business. With your brand name and logo imprinted on the bags, your brand will get more exposure.

When it comes to choosing the conference bags, you should think of ways how you can impress the delegates so that they don’t just throw away goodie bags. Here are a few tips to help you get a good value for your money:

1. Think about the Delegates.

While it’s important to invest in good quality conference bags, you should understand the needs of the delegates attending the conference to choose the bags they will find useful.

If the conference is for corporate workers, it may be a good idea to order satchels that can accommodate their laptop and smartphone. On the other hand, if the conference will be attended by blue-collar workers, you should consider investing in backpacks. You can order Custom Gear conference bags with custom designs to make a positive impression on the conference attendees.

2. Make Sure the Bag Perfectly Fits the Conference Material.

When it comes to choosing conference bags, many sponsors opt for tote bags. Although these bags are cheap, they can negatively affect your reputation. What if the bag is too small and the conference material doesn’t fit in the bag?

Before you order conference bags, make sure they are big enough for keeping the conference material.

3. Send the Conference Bags a Week Prior to the Conference.

If delegates from different cities are invited to the conference, it’d be a good idea to send them a bag prior to the conference. They can use it to pack the stuff for an overnight stay in the city.

It may seem strange to send the conference bags prior to the conference, but it can help your brand. Think about the impact it’ll make when myriads of delegates walk through the airport with the bags carrying your brand name. It’ll capture the attention of the passersby and raise awareness.

4. Present Your Bag as a Gift.

The presentation matters the most when it comes to distributing conference bags among the delegates. Handing over the bags and accompanying items at the door gives the impression that you don’t value the conference attendees and are distributing cheap giveaways. You should rather leave them on tables or hang them on the back of chairs.

Picking the right conference bags for delegates can be a daunting task. But with the aforementioned tips, you can get a good return on the investment.


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