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Eye-catching Exterior Design Ideas For Your Startup


Location and design matter when discussing the premises of a successful start-up. Location-wise, it is crucial to choose a suitable area to establish your company’s headquarters. Depending on the niche that you choose, you have to research the local real estate market and decide which location might bring your company more traffic.

Along with selecting the perfect location, you have to put some efforts into your design strategy. Eye-catching exterior design of your office building can be an incredible marketing tool, but also an element that stirs curiosity among passers-by.

Below are some incredible exterior design ideas that will catch everybody’s attention.

A pop of colour.

Dare to be different if you don’t want to get lost in the crowd of start-ups. This rule applies especially if your company is located in a busy area. Colourful accents are a great way to catch passers-by attention and it can offer them a slight idea on the industry in which you activate.

Let’s assume that you’re a restaurant that sources their food supplies form sustainable, bio sources. Green accents will surely offer potential clients a better idea of the company’s profile and goals. Green also inspires freshness, so it’s a great way to outline this trait of your establishment. You can install a small door sign for your company or you can go an extra mile and make your business visible from across the street.

If you want to truly grab everybody’s attention, consider painting your building in contrasting colours. For instance, a combination of greys and green or red is a wonderful way to signal your company’s presence.

Mix and Match.

Graphic designers always recommend mixing different styles and different fonts, at least when it comes to your company sign. The experts at numerous design companies recommend the same approach in promotional materials’ case. This type of exterior design will make your company more recognizable on the local market. The eye-catching effect is certainly persuasive and your company sign will have a distinctive and bold look. Different textures and layers also have an amazing visual effect. Consider those as an option for your company sign. It works like a charm. Make sure to collaborate with a company that allows you to design your own sign, for the best results.

Simplicity at Its Best.

If you’re not a fan of an eclectic look or a similar design isn’t representative for your company, products or services, try a simple and clean one. Simple exterior design of your start-up headquarters will give your company an elegant kick and will attract through simplicity. You can inspire your design choices from the simple and clean design of street signs. A white background for your text and symmetrical spacing will do wonders for your company, design-wise.

The best thing about this concept is that it works for a number of company types. Thus, regardless of your industry or niche, you can successfully approach this design style. Apply this type of design to street signs or banners as well. It works like a charm. Make sure to collaborate with a company that allows you to design your own sign, for the best results.

Use Different Patterns for a Remarkable Visual Impact.

While you cannot apply this concept to your entire building, the exterior design of your headquarters will surely enjoy some extra-attention. Try to implement a similar approach to your design. For your company sign, you can use a combination of background patterns and mix those with a contrasting font. Once again, don’t overdo it. Choose a black and gold geometric background pattern and a white font for your writing.

This is a sign design that is both visually appealing and eye-catching. It will be a different approach to design than your competitor’s and it will help you differentiate yourself from the plethora of start-ups on the local market.

Retro Signs are Incredible.

Retro signs aren’t very popular today since many companies seem to gamble on the highly simplistic approach of exterior design. Integrate retro elements into your exterior design or get inspired by retro movie posters. When you decide on the desired background, make sure to integrate a catchy motto as well. Your sign may not be a veritable retro sign, but making it look like one will certainly draw the undivided attention of passers-by. A modern twist (think modern font) will make your sign even more complex and visually-striking so think about a similar approach.

Consider Including a Complex Background.

Your company will enjoy even more attention if you include a more complex background for your sign. You could include some geometric patterns or very detailed artwork. Make sure to collaborate with a skilful team, for the best results. This concept can be a bit too much to the eye. A skilful professional will find the perfect balance while creating an eye-catching exterior design for your company headquarters.

Think of Exterior Arrangements as Well.

The graphic element of your company’s office design isn’t the only relevant element of an eye-catching business. You have to pay increased attention to exterior arrangements, as parts of the bigger picture. Depending on your company’s profile, you can add some large pots of greenery, maybe some large banners or various decorations. Think of the proximity of your building as a transitional space that prepares the visitors for what your company does. Traditionally, barber shops display barber shop poles, restaurants display a chef miniature and so on. Think of a representative element of your business and take it outside for everybody to see. Discuss your options with a professional interior and exterior designer. Their expertise will be just enough to help you make a great decision.

Start-up businesses have to put additional efforts into making their establishments known on the local market. While some struggle to find those elements that successfully grab everybody’s attention, make sure to think of visual elements with more care. Aesthetics play an important role in your company’s success. All visual elements will influence the way in which your company is perceived by local consumers but also competitors. A company with a smart, creative exterior design becomes a feared competitor in many companies’ case.